Ideally: A Good Date

After writing all of that, I feel like I described a series of potential date ideas for a potential suitor. So, instead of ideal day, I inadvertently changed it to an ideal date. Ha! Take notes, gentlemen. 😂. Don’t be boring or predictable.

Love Letter #80 | There was a Worm in my Apple

Learn to pivot. Find another fruit if the one you bit into has worms in it.
You can also stick it out, remove the worm and keep it moving.
You can also bite around the worm while consciously trying not to bite into it.
Or, you may enjoy the fruit despite the fact that a worm is there.
Are you flexible enough to pivot?

Love Letter #71 | Burnt Popcorn

Go for those goals and live your dreams. The dreams probably won’t pop on the first or second try and you may burn a certain vision of your dreams by allowing it to stay on the same rotating surface.

Love Letter #60 | Hot Soup

Multitasking is not efficient. All it does is segment the fullness of your attention and leaves you attempting to complete multiple tasks at once. If you focus on one thing at a time, your efficiency and productivity will improve.

Love Letter #49 | Baking under the influence

All our actions happen because we are under the influence of something or someone. Whether or not we’d like to admit it, it is the truth.
There are people, concepts and other living and non-living influences that impact (whether positively or negatively) the decisions that we make daily.
It might be a role model, a point of view and it might be vices such as alcohol or drugs.
The onus is on us to determine whom and/or what is good for our lives in any given moment.

Love letter #48 | Fried ripe plantains

And, in order for me to achieve my goals and see my dreams unfold, I will endure burns and go through some level of pain – whether physical, mental or emotional. It’s inevitable.

The Night Baker | Repurposing 

No matter how rough your situations may appear to be, never forget that the option is there to purposely repurpose your life; Repurpose and improve who you are, Repurpose the situations when that power presents itself. 

The Night Baker | No need to bake

Life is not as complicated as we make it out to be. There will be times when the answers to our problems are already manufactured; no need to dive into elaborate planning and execution. No need to reinvent the wheel. The answer already exists, no need to create it. 

The Night Baker | Baking Easy

The key to ensuring that the end product is top notch has very little to do with where you start or what you use. How you use what you have to attain the end product is the most important factor. 

The Night Baker | Daytime Baking 

Never be afraid to try new things in your seemingly tried and tested solid plan of execution. There is ALWAYS room for improvement. Like baking, life is not a science. As such, nothing is hard and fast. Do not look at the process as being a potential win or fail. You have to trust the process and allow yourself to experience the “new and unheard of”. This is the only way you’ll grow. Being imaginative and open minded will lead you open up doors and windows for greatness.

The Night Baker | Night 1 

I find that mixing a batter, placing it in the oven and receiving the grandest of masterpieces late at night, not only provides therapy; it teaches me lessons of life.

Love letter # 24 | Sunday Dinner cooking in Suburbia

Everybody! That’s who… Dear World, For as long as I can remember cooking dinner in the Stewart house, in all our Suburban awesomeness, means that at some point or the other everyone in the family lends a hand in completing an aspect of the meal. I’m talking about the drinks, the raw vegies, the steamed…