Ideally: A Good Date

Bloganuary Day 13

Dear World,

This one is simple and to the point. It’s more of a fact-based letter from which you can learn about this Jamaican Suburban Girl.

If you don’t know, I live for a good beach day. What you may not know is that I love puppies, good drinks, good food and amazing views.

That being said, the ideal day for me includes seaside views, good food and drinks. After leaving the shoreline, I envision being placed in a room with the cutest baby terriers while answering random questions about life.

Once the sand, sea, sun and puppy love passes, a good wrap on the day would include skyline views up in the hills. Naturally, the views would be accompanied by good food, good drinks and great company.

Funny enough, I don’t eat a lot. So though you see me talking about eating food on the beach and during the city views, I guarantee that it won’t be in large portions at a time. Not unless I’m famished and absolutely need food to nourish an empty stomach. Regardless, food was made to be eaten and I find comfort in well cooked meals. So, ideally, my kind of day must have the food.

I’m not a heavy drinker, but I do like a good cocktail or a glass of that good wine. Afterall, drinking regular juice with great food is pretty boring, and I’m not boring. If it’s not water then wine is my next option. Good food and drinks set the mood for a great experience. If the food sucks then I get hangry and we don’t want that.

I’m a sucker for puppies. I find them to be the cutest non-humans on earth who are loveable, loyal and playful. They reduce my stress levels and make great companions. They can be rowdy and messy but puppies are still freaking cute! So, imagine me in a room full of puppies answering thought provoking questions. That will lead to me squealing the entire time out of excitement and being overcome with the cuteness. It may even cause me to randomly burst in tears. When stress leaves the body, the euphoria causes tears.

As for the skyline views, who doesn’t love a good view?! Skylines at night are among the greatest views involving lights. They’re just simply pretty and mesmerising.

The descriptions I’ve given all border on part of an intimate experience. Not sure why, but adding the sea-side, puppies and food with bright sparkling night lights and drinks by my side trigger the best conversations, feelings and thoughts. Additionally, having the right person by my side will add the cherry on top! There are levels to intimacy and I’m sharing one my levels.

By the way, intimacy doesn’t have to include sex or anything sexual. So, if you’re a simpleton, this letter is definitely NOT for you. There’s so much more to life than sex. Give me intimacy and I guarantee that another level gets unlocked.

Whew! Haha.

After writing all of that, I feel like I described a series of potential date ideas for a potential suitor. So, instead of an ideal day, I inadvertently changed it to an ideal date. Ha! Take notes, gentlemen. 😂. Don’t be boring or predictable.

Well, that’s all for the surface level ‘ideal day’ description. Get me sun, sand, see, puppies, food, drinks and views and we’ll be in the right track.

*feature photo credit: GG ❤

What does your ideal day look like? Let’s hear ’em!

Signed with love,

The Suburban Girl JA


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