Love letter #48 | Fried ripe plantains

Dear World,

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Every moment I spend in the kitchen is likened to every minute I live.

I believe that kitchen situations translate to real life lessons that prompt and guide.

I was recently burnt by splashed oil as I fried some ripe plantains. Relax, it wasn’t any major burn.

Though minor, it hurt. But life is like that, isn’t it?

My goal was to get some golden brown plantains to sweeten my mouth and improve my life.

Yes. Fried ripe plantains have the power to improve life. This is not a debate.

Like my beloved fried ripe plantains, my dreams and aspirations will sweeten and improve my life. I know this to be true.

And, in order for me to achieve my goals and see my dreams unfold, I will endure burns and go through some level of pain – whether physical, mental or emotional. It’s inevitable.

The entire process – obtaining the plantain, peeling, slicing/cutting, pouring the oil in the pot (using the right oil for you and your perfect “frying plantain pot”. Guestimating when the oil is perfectly hot.

Then, putting the plantain slices in the oil, turning and ensuring not to burn and being careful so that you don’t burn yourself.

It’s a science, damnit.

Take the principle and apply it to he steps you must take in order to achieve your “golden brown fried plantains”.

My grandma used to say “if yuh want good, yuh nose afi run”.

She wasn’t lying.

The only difference (this time around) is that in the quest to get the perfectly fried ripe plantain, I got burnt.

Why? because I wanted the goodness of the food. Just like the burn, I will fail, self sabotage, fail again. But in the journey, I’ll improve and get my plantains!

Bear the above in mind when you fry your own ripe plantains.

While you’re at it, make sure you don’t continuously sabotage yourself by burning the plantains or cut yourself while peeling and slicing.

One or the other may very well happen. But it is your responsibility to gauge, monitor and achieve your fried ripe plantains.

Now, think about your “fried ripe plantains” and go forth to get them perfectly golden brown…not too oily either!

Signed with love,



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