Love Letter #80 | There was a Worm in my Apple

Dear World.

Has a worm ever prevented you from enjoying some of the best fruits?

This happened to me. Let me tell you how.

Backstory into a Wormhole

A few years ago I did a haul of the Jamaican Otaheite apple from the tree in my backyard.

This fruit is rich in Vitamin C, riboflavin, antioxidants and its water content is high.

Here’s more on the Otaheite apple.

As a lover of the fruit, yours truly washed a few and sat to devour the juiciness packed with Vitamin C.

I took my space and established it as the “Apple nyaming Zone”. 😂

Anyway, I ate one apple and that led to two and that led to three and…you get the idea.

I reached the final leg of the apple feast and was just about ready to enter into a fruit coma.

The first bite into the apple in question hit me with that tingling feeling you get at the back of your taste buds. Do you know the overwhelming sensation that you can’t do much about except to let it run its course of a few seconds? Yeah, that – it was sweeter than when your pay reaches into your bank account early.

I looked down into the gloriousness of the sweetest apple from the bunch only to see a white, fat and wriggling creature protruding from the apple I just bit into.

Imagine, I was about to love on this apple and give thanks to the gods for such a heavenly fruit but then my eyes focused and my jaw fell and I grew nauseous and instantly regurgitated the apples I ate prior.

It was a worm! A. Worm! 🐛

I felt like I could’ve curled up into a ball and died a slow death right there.

There was a worm in my apple. Ugh!

A cold sweat washed over me and – let’s just say – my life flashed before my eyes. Yes. I am that dramatic.

There was a worm in the apple!

Apples left my diet for roughly 2 years after that.

Present Day

Today, I write this as I munch on some Otaheite apples from the same tree in my backyard. 😅

Yes. I could not allow my fear of worms to keep me away from the fruit. It isn’t forbidden. How could it be?!

The only difference here is that I am more careful. I inspect and I core and slice each apple I eat.

I’ve vowed to treat worms with respect (all creatures need respect), if come face to face with another, I’d leave that specific fruit alone and move on to another.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but I don’t want to kill it. Come on!

A non-scientific explanation of worms in apples

I’ve read in books and on the internet that some kind of fly will lay their eggs on or near the blossom of fruits to continue the generations of their kind.

“Near” in this situation can mean the bark of the fruit tree or even in the soil.

The fruit then forms and the larvae of the fly will move its way into the fleshy part of the fruit. There, it nestles and feeds on the vitamins and minerals the fruit possesses.

In some cases, unsuspecting unfortunate humans, such as myself, will bite into the fruit and come face to face with the fruit-eating creature.

Some of those worms are called maggots, by the way. 🤢

Enough of the very non-science information sharing.

A contemplation upon worms

I can’t help but think of the times I lived my life unbothered and out of nowhere folks of the uncouth nature turn up and make me sick to my stomach.

Let’s refer to them as worms.

I recall countless situations where unsavoury people injected themself into my life. This has happened in my personal life and my professional life.

The situations have varied from unsolicited advice; the development of a parasitic relationship where the “worm” benefits and I vomit my life away; and others where I am taunted and tormented by the worms because they were threatened by me or for whatever other reason – they did not like or respect me.

Though the situations differ, the type of worms was very much the same.

I’ve put together some of the lessons learned:

1. The same way you’re living your life the best way you know how is the same way those worms live their lives the best way they know how to live.

Though their presence upsets your balance, consider the fact that they’re making it count for them without being worried about you.

2. I truly hate what I’m about to say because it can be used as a constant excuse. But, it’s factual.

That’s just the way they are. You either love them, hate them or remain indifferent towards them.

They will not change their work ways to please you – no matter what. The form in which you meet them is the same form they’ll consistently be. They may try to rebrand but they’ll forever be the worm they are.

It’s almost like a fried dumpling being called a johnnycake. It’s the same damn thing.

3. Learn to pivot. Find another fruit if the one you bit into has worms in it.

You can also stick it out, remove the worm and keep it moving.

You can also bite around the worm while consciously trying not to bite into it.

Or, you may enjoy the fruit despite the fact that a worm is there.

Are you flexible enough to pivot? It is okay if you aren’t. Worms are not for everyone.

4. Consider the scenario where you are the villainous “worm”.

Never ever forget that you may be the worm in some of the storylines.

It’s not that you intend to be that way but the perspective of others can change minds. And, not everyone will see and accept your side of the story.

In retrospect, that worm I found in my apple was busy living its life. Maybe it thought that I came to disrupt its life. That’s an example of how to be the worm.

You don’t even have to consciously decide that a wormy life is the one you’ll take.

The next time you go in search of some natural vitamins (especially vitamin C) and minerals, be on the lookout for worms.

Prepare your mind for how you will handle it.

Signed with love,

The Suburban Girl


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