The Night Baker | Repurposing 

Dear World, 

So, we had some green bananas that became ripe. The first thought was to use them and make banana fritters. However, I decided that baking a cake would be better. Afterall, baking soothes me on a higher level than drinking a glass of wine. 

So I got the bananas and the other standard ingredients to bake a banana cake and I executed the process. I added some nutmeg and a hint of rosewater and vanilla to make it more of a Candice masterpiece.  

I had to adapt the original recipe and double the quantities of the ingredients as we had quite a number of ripe bananas. No big deal. Adaptation was done. Ingredients were mixed together, poured in the baking tin and popped into the oven to bake for 30-40 minites. 

Best believe, that bad boy tasted way better than banana fritters ever could. I suppose, as well, that it was a healthier alternative. 

In a metaphoric view, people are like the bananas that were used as the main ingredient of the cake. Some would’ve seen the green–>ripe bananas as unusable and tossed them (silly move). Some would’ve boiled the bananas just as they were (not my cup of tea). 

Some would’ve probably made some banana fritters (oily, I couldn’t be bothered. Plus I had way too many green–>ripe bananas. That would’ve been too much frying.)

Lessons learned:

•The same way some green–>ripe bananas can be used to make goodies like banana fritters, banana cake or banana bread, is in principle, the same way a ‘broken’ or fault filled human can use their current state to create a better version of themself. 

•Remember, a state of being for a human isn’t static. States of being are dynamic, respective of what folks think and say. Use the conditions of the present state to create the awesomeness that you envision for yourself. 

•No matter how rough your situations may appear to be, never forget that the option is there to purposely repurpose your life; Repurpose and improve who you are, Repurpose the situations when that power presents itself. 

•The awesomeness that you envision for yourself isn’t a formula written somewhere. The awesomeness that you envision will only be created when you organically add, subtract, divide and multiply particular ingredients/conditions/sitiations into the mix.

Your charge

Think of ways in which you can Repurpose your life. Make your notes and your plans and repeat them daily. 

Repurpose one food item to create something better.

With love and flour dust on my nose, 

The Night Baker.


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