Love Letter #60 | Hot Soup

Dear World,

Earlier today, hot soup spilt on me.

I had soup for breakfast because it was Satdeh-Sundeh. So- the meal that was prepared for dinner on Saturday was enough to carry over into Sunday.

The meal was reheated on the stove then transferred to a bowl for me to enjoy.

I walked towards my spot in front of the TV and distraction showed up.

My eyes wandered to the stack of papers (I placed it in my spot and didn’t remember so I was wondering how the heck the paper found its way in my darn spot!)

A balancing act followed.

I held the bowl of soup in my left hand (non-dominant hand) and focused on moving the stack of papers. So my eyes and dominant hand worked busily to tend to the paper that ‘appeared out of nowhere’.

Before I knew it, a rather wet and warm sensation occurred on my leg. I felt liquid seep through my denim pants and the heat slowly registered in my brain.

Hot soup not only burned me, but it also soiled my good good clean jeans pants.

I uttered curse words and my attention reverted to the bowl of soup.

One thing at a time.

I put the bowl down, cleaned the spill and wiped the mess from my pants. (I did not change… I couldn’t be bothered so I pat dried the soup in my pants. Haha!

After, I went to replace the soup that spilt. Because I’m a growing person who should get certain portions of food.

I then moved the stack of paper using my full attention – brain space, dominant and non-dominant hand.

Had my soup and continued with life.

The Lesson

Focus on one thing at a time. That’s it really.

You probably won’t literally spill hot liquid as I did but distractions cause real problems in your life and those problems are often avoidable.

Problems have that figurative burn that you wish you had avoided

Multitasking is not efficient. All it does is segment the fullness of your attention and leaves you attempting to complete multiple tasks at once. If you focus on one thing at a time, your efficiency and productivity will improve.

Give a task your full attention — and get stuff done.

Try not to burn yourself.

Signed with love,