Bloom Where the Conditions are Right – Not Where You are Planted

Day 1: End of the year read between the lines – too short series

Dear World,

Consider yourself a flower. 🌼 🌸 🌻 🌹 🏵

A former colleague once said to me, “bloom where you’re planted” and I briefly operated along those lines. It worked for a while until it didn’t. The reason? Well:

All conditions are not suitable for every plant or flower.

In truth, some gardens with their acidic soil types and venomous flowers will clip your roots, block the light, drink your water and steal your nourishment in soil minerals. Why would you stay in such garden? How do you grow and thrive?

It’s impossible. You’ll starve, drown, wilt and wither – you’ll die.

If you find yourself choking and wilting knowing full well what your potential as a growing plant and flower is, take a look around you. The problem might not be you. Chances are that there’s something wrong with the place you were planted.

Struggle and Character Development

Yes, some perceived harsh conditions need to be weathered for character development but there’s a thin line between building self and slowly killing yourself – your mental health, hopes, and dreams.

Remember: Struggle is NOT and does NOT have to be a rite of passage!

For the life of me, I cannot understand why people are such suckers for suffering, discomfort, and hardships. The approach by many is that if you didn’t struggle, you haven’t lived or that you don’t deserve the fruits and rewards. There are even those thought processes that say one person’s suffering was too mild so they are not deserving. All rubbish.

Struggle is relative, first of all. Secondly, if the means for achievement are easier to grasp for some than others, then that’s how the cookie crumbles. Just, don’t tell someone that they don’t deserve a win because they didn’t “make it out of the trenches” like other folks.

Removal from Unfavourable Conditions is Imminent

Believe me when I say that you’ll be removed from the places you are planted if they’re not right for you. A couple of the ways include:

  • The environment suffocates you
  • The planter moves you
  • The planter discards you
  • You remove yourself

Regardless of how it happens, the point is that you won’t always bloom in the spaces that you’re planted. Bloom depends on favourable conditions. If it’s not right for you, the universe will tell you.

Kudos to you if you remove yourself. Discernment is a magical power. Hold on to it and trust it.

If you’re discarded or moved, those may be blessings in disguise. Try to look at the potentially positive side. It’s not the end of the world if the environment suffocates you. We all return to the soil and we get to add nourishment to the soil and bring forth new life and a new phase.

Read between these lines at least twice as you wrap 2022. A gem or two may be buried there for you to find.

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