Love Letter #44| Water and Sun

Dear World.

I am a neglected flowering plant. Dried and wilted.

This is all my fault.

I’ve been in the doldrums for a length of time that may be deemed unhealthy.

I’ve neglected my diet and overall health. I’ve neglected my love for the arts and I’ve neglected my mental and emotional well being.

My energies have been focused on Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane, Susan and Paula and how they’re making it through their days.

All the while, I sit on the window sill as my soil dries up, my leaves wither and my roots search for water to stay hydrated.

Common sense would say that in order to bloom and help others flourish, one must water themselves – daily. As without consistent care [water, sun, minerals, top soil, mulch] your features will be of little use to yourslef muchless to others you serve.

This simple view shouldn’t be taken as nonsense.

The biology is simple…without regular maintenance (water, sun, general attention) a plant will wither and die. Consistent watering, sun and attention gives lovingly to a plant in need of nutrients.

Just like a plant, a human body and spirit meeds to be watered, givem sun amd love. Once neglected, the human body and spirit withers.

Having noticed my withering leaves, my drying soil and my parched roots, I made the conscious decision to invest in a water jug, top soil, pruning scissors and other basic gardening tools.

I’ve felt my spirit wither but I have no intention to make it die.

It’s Operation Rehydrate My Life as a plant.

The mission will take some time but I’m ready. A little, sun, water and love can do plenty in a few days so I’m not daunted.

My parting words…

Treat yourself as a blooming flowering plant. Water yourself, nourish yourself. Give yourself light. Watch yourself grow. Blossom. Prune. Watch for weeds. Top soil only.

Signed with love,



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Brownie Brown says:

    Agree with this completely!


  2. Simone Jones says:

    True words


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