Love Letter #84 | Ride the Wave of The Unqualified and False Truths

Dear World,

It’s been a while!

I did not realize that I needed a break until I actually took one without hesitation, explanation or justification. Sometimes we all need to take a break from whatever, and that’s perfectly okay.

I’m eager to share.

In true Suburban Girl JA form, while I was away, I made note of a situation from which I took a major life lesson that I must share.

Do with it what you will.

The Lesson

The unqualified will speak false ‘truths’ over your life. It is up to you to develop great discernment and weed them out.

Candice Stewart

I wrote an article and shared it with a few persons for editing. As open and receiving as I was of feedback and suggestions, I knew that some comments would be baseless and intending to belittle me. One of the comments was as curt and hurtful as they come. I was essentially told that the piece was sub-par at best. They said my work lacked substance.

What’s funny is that this person was not the actual editor of my work. They don’t even have actual qualifications to edit.

When the actual editor reviewed my work, no such comment was made. They even shared that it was a great piece! Of course, it needed an editor’s touch but the article was an all-round good piece of work. In the end, that article was enjoyed by the client and their partners. It was also shared on a wider scale than I anticipated!

Now, imagine if I listened to the insignificant commentary of the first person. Perhaps the story would not have seen the light of day!

When you dedicate time, effort, and talent to your work and the unqualified tells you that the end product lacks substance, thank them for their candor and keep it moving.

Candice K. Stewart

Be like the rubber ducky in a bathtub, be like a person in full safety gear on kayak out at sea – know that you will be okay. Navigate the waves and trust that all will be well.

If you’re not sure of their intentions, make a note of their personality and modus operandi, you’ll know, then, what they’re about.

In addition to having great discernment, self-confidence is key.

Candice Stewart

If I had no confidence in my ability to produce a good piece, hearing that my work lacked substance would’ve crumpled me like a ship run aground.

We need to remember that we define what success means to us and we should never craft that definition based on the commentary of the insignificant people in our lives.

Once we determine what success means to us and we understand that success can have variations according to our individual needs and wants, then how we feel about ourselves and our perception of the world will be impacted in our favour.

In Jamaica, we say:

Mout mek fi talk

– Jamaicans

That means that people will always have something to say to you, about you, and on your behalf without being asked. In cases where you do seek input, the misrepresentation is real and the malicious ways also come to the light.

Remember that as you sail the seas of life, some waves will come to test you and try to damage your ship and its cargo. Ride the wave!

You are worthy and you are worth it. Know it and believe it.

Signed with love,

The Suburban Girl JA


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