Synchronicity: My voice, facial expressions and the emojis I use

Bloganuary Day 12

Dear World,

People say I speak well, but I’m not a big fan of the sound of my voice. People say I have great face to face conversations, but again – I don’t like the sound of my voice nor do I like too much of the in person ‘peopling’, so I stay away often.

As much as I don’t like the sound of my voice, I stepped out of doubt and fear and tried my hand at recording a few podcast episodes in 2021. The podcast is called, The Suburban Girl JA Podcast! Give it a listen and tell me what you think! More episodes with better content coming to a podcast in platform near you in 2022!

That being said, I prefer to send a text message or type a message on whatever text-based platform to get my points across. Of course, I am aware that meanings and intended deliveries may be misinterpreted and misconstrued – because to effectively communicate, a number of factors need to go hand in hand.

I know all of that.

Regardless, I prefer to text and accompany words with emojis. I also support my text with voice notes – you know, to give a more rounded approach to this form of communication. I think it adds character and also helps me to train my ears and brain to like the sound of my voice. I replay my voice notes just to hear myself talk. 😂😂

Because I laugh alot, I use 😂, 🤣 and 🤭 quite often. Of course, the context of the situation will determine which laugh emoji is used and at what frequency in the same text line or the series of text lines that are used.

Here’s a post about me explaining my habit of laughing! “It’s the silly things” will give great insight.

I also grin quite often. So, there’s the 😁 and there’s also the 😬 types of grins. Again, it’s a about context. One is forced and the other comes from a place of pure joy. I force grins when I’m irritated or angry. This happens in real life and also in the world of texting. Funny enough, if you’re great at sarcasm, you’ll pick up the types of grins through the sound of my voice. It’s hard to explain via text, but when you hear my voice, you’ll understand.

Last but not least, I’m an inquisitive person with an inquiring mind. So, inquiring minds tend to look sideways at others in real life situations, right? Well, I do that in text too. You know those big bold eyes that look to the left in emoji-world? Yeah, 👀, those.

I use them often as a hint that I need to know what’s going on. 😂. For my in-person encounters, I do it too! Funny thing is, as we live in a world that encourages the use of face masks as part of COVID-19 precautionary measures, the eyes have become, even more so, the windows to the soul. So I speak with my eyes. 🤭

I will end here to say that though the use of emojis is part of the everyday “texter’s” life, we cannot depend solely on emojis to depict true emotions and feelings or even to carry a conversation. We need our voices. In some cases, we need body language, facial expressions, and we also need comprehension of intended meanings.

How do you communicate with emojis? 👀Let’s see what you got!

Signed with love ❤

The Suburban Girl JA 🇯🇲


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  1. Again! We are so similar….That “not a big fan of my voice!” Girl, I can relate!


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