Work from Home Week 2 | The Internet Went Down

Dear World,

In order for me to efficiently work from home, a reliable internet connection is mandatory.

That’s like, obviously obvious because my work is pretty much internet driven.


Week two of working from home started with my internet, cable tv and landline all going out.

That sounded like they’re humans or pets, right? Humans or pets who packed their belongings and went away.


Might as well they were actually humans or pets. Cause all three went away one time.

One time! And, at the start of the day too.

They were also gone long enough to trigger a bit of anxiety.

Let’s call them “The Trio from here on out.

You know how a dog mom anxiously awaits the return of her pup who ran outside the house and up the street unexpectedly?

Yeah. Something like that.

Luckily, I have a work phone supported with data plans. So you know what I did? I used my work phone as a hotspot and did my work without much issues. I tethered a laptop and another cell phone to my work phone. Just so I could still be productive. Talk about committment!

I also notified the relevant people just in case something went wrong while ‘hotspotting’.

And, the parish (state, for all those countries that have states) I call home in Jamaica was and still is under a “lockdown” of sorts due to a COVID-19 case spike and cluster or whatever it’s called. I was not gonna leave the safety of home to head to my essential services office building just to show my commitment to being productive.


This Suburban Girl is in one of the “at risk groups” and she got the privilege to work from home for a reason.

But, I was able to be efficiently productive same way.

The Trio returned some 7 hours later. This was with just about two-ish hours of the work day day left.

I fumed but I was also happy that the trio returned.

Just as a dog mom would react – that’s how I reacted. I scolded the telecoms provider but also rejoiced. Lol.

As is customary, I say all of that to teach a lesson or two.

Lessons in Downed Telecoms while Working from Home

1. Anything that leaves you will return if it is destined to return.

I paid for the services I call The Trio so I knew that they would’ve returned in due time. The issue was, “how long would I have to wait for the trio’s return”?

If you invest money and time into something or someone, and they invest in you as well, believe (if only for a while) that you have nothing to worry about.

And, I know – some relationships, all investments considered, are dead in the water. However, faith and a good deserved fight is also worth it.

Anyway, I’m rambling…

2. Sometimes we need to tether ourselves to others in order to be functional and present. Nothing is wrong with that.

In the case of my work. If I hadn’t tethered the laptop or another phone to my work phone, I’d be home twiddling my thumbs being unproductive and inefficient.

Replace all the inanimate objects and replay the scenario with people who sometimes lose their way and need some help by way of other people. Other people help those in need by just facilitating a tethering process.

Tethering helps!

3. If you fall within an “at risk” group for being infected with the COVID-19 virus, where you going?!

Stay home and find a way to get your work done. Keep an open line with your boss and make sure you cover your ass in black and white so that people can’t say “yuh neva seh”/”you didn’t say”. If you do get this virus because you wanted to show them how loyal or committed you are to the job, all you’re gonna be getting is “thoughts and prayers”.

Think about it!

What are your thoughts?

Signed in my Pajamas,

The Suburban Girl


6 Comments Add yours

  1. I agree girl! We have to be creative in these times and make do until we can’t.

    Important to remember that no job is important enough to risk your like for! Let the boss know. They’ll respect you for being honest.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sher! And, most definitely. As much ad it may sting, honesty is always respected.


  2. petchary says:

    Good advice, pajama girl! I have never needed to tether at home… It sounds like a cowboy tethering his horse after riding up to the saloon bar. Please, continue to do well and write your awesome blog posts! I enjoy them greatly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Emma! ❤

      I’m imagining the horse and the saloon bar, too. Haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. petchary says:

        Haha! Tether is a great Anglo Saxon word! 😌

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That, I didn’t know. I just loved the sound of it in IT terms. Haha

        Liked by 1 person

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