Work from Home Week 1 | No Peeing in the Office Bathroom?

Dear World,

I went in office for my first day of the work from home Order.

I had to. Apparently. Or. So they said.

Long story short: I was on vacation and then it ended and to “prove” my return to work, I had to show my face… or whatever.

You must be saying:

“what a time to return to work – when your world is literally going to shit”.

Me too. Trust me. Me. Too.

Just to say… I was NOT productive.

And, I avoided the more frequented spaces in the office.

I touched nothing with my bare hands and I didn’t hug my work friends.

I usually drink alot of water so naturally, I would need to pee. I didn’t use the restroom.

Yes. I held my pee. And all hand cleansing was done by way of hand sanitiser.

Judge me. I don’t care.

Though unproductive, I used the time to collect the hardware needed to facilitate efficiency while I actually work from home.

So I guess I didn’t go to the office in vain, after all.

The work day ended about 3 hours early because, of course, COVID-19 interrupted the “normal” that most of us have been brainwashed to accept as the only way to operate.

After Day 1, I really did work from home.

Candice has since been productive and Candice doesn’t have to change out of her pajamas.

Something I can get used to.

Anyways, back to me denying my body the relief of peeing in the office restroom.

Consequences of Holding Pee and the Associated Lessons

Remember when I said I avoided the restroom? As I prepared to leave the office, I felt some:

“Candice, you need to go pee ASAP” pangs.

Of course, I ignored the urge.

My stance was:

“I’d much rather suffer than to run the risk of possibly being infected with other people’s germs – especially during this health crisis.”

I’m not even sure if anything could be learned but I try.

Lesson 1: A urinary tract infection is what you risk contracting by denying your body the satisfaction of peeing.

Though that did not happen to me, I could’ve easily gotten a UTI. Easily. Let’s just say that I was lucky.

Lesson 2: If you need to pee, find the nearest restroom. There is no need to be paranoid to the point where you refuse to use the office bathroom. All you have to do is take the usual, and not so usual – but necessary, precautions.

I hear that UTIs are painful and uncomfortable. Most of us are already in discomfort trying to adjust to this “new normal” that people keep talking about. So let’s not add another discomfort on our list of uncomfortable things.

Lesson 3: In some weird way, holding your pee is like holding toxic energy inside. It’s like hating on others without purposely seeking some kind of resolve. It’s like getting upset and staying upset and not unpacking and expressing your feelings.

We all need a release from time to time. Make that release a routine and never ever hold on. Otherwise, a UTI can become the very start of your health problems.

Lesson 4: If you do end up with a UTI, do the following:

  • Drink plenty water and cranberry juice.
  • But if abdominal cramping, burning on urination or foul smelling urine persists then you’re gonna need antibiotics.
  • Visit your pharmacist or your doctor.

Don’t let it get to that point. It doesn’t sound like a fun time and I imagine that it really isn’t.

The point here is, still use the restroom, just practise, with even more care, not touching unclean surfaces and wash your damn hands! And of course, look at the figurative meaning behind this as well.

Signed in my Pajamas,

The Suburban Girl


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  1. Simeca Alexander says:

    So how do you fix holding in toxicity if you end up with the proverbial UTI?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You slowly release the toxicity:
      Discuss your feelings. Attack the issue(s) and not so much the thing or person. Unpack the baggage 1 by 1. Turn that process into a routine and make it a habit.



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