Work from Home Week 3 | The Light Went Out

Dear World,

The electricty got cut right before an “important” work call.

God is good!

That’s all I have to say as it relates to that call not happening when it was supposed to.

You know – those meetings that you know will be a waste of time before they actually start to waste your time?

It was one of those.

As the good lord would have it, all plans of wasting time got cut.


and the power got cut for another person scheduled to be present in said meeting.

So you see? Time wasting was not supposed to happen.

I used the non-electricty time to unwind and relax.


Of course, since it’s work related- the meeting was rescheduled.

My time was wasted.

However, I tried to minimise the wastage by multitasking. I interchanged my focus between that meeting and tasks I found to be more worthwhile and fulfilling.

I won’t lie though – my multitasking was inclusive of me ruminating on the fact that:

“this could’ve been an email”.


Like are we really still calling meetings to waste people’s time? I was under the impression that timewasting meetings were pre-COVID19 activities.

By the way: Why does every situation require a Zoom or WebEx meeting?

Also: no one uses Skype anymore? Or am I showing my age?

Did teleconferencing die with the rise of the coronavirus? Regular phone conversations don’t work anymore?

I do not understand. I don’t get it. Yo no se.

Is there even anything to learn here?

Lessons and Signs in a Power Outage

1. Non-empirical: but, there’s an 8:10 chance that if you feel your time will be wasted, it will happen. Those gut feelings rarely lie.

You may apply this beyond your work from home meetings.

▪ Relationships

▪ Outside interactions as you practice social distancing

▪ Calling the customer care for services you pay for.

2. Fate has your back – sometimes. But fate also plays the song in your life’s soundtrack that you find to be the absolute worst.

The very thing that you don’t want to happen can be delayed and may very well get delayed based on how the cards of your life are played. However, you can’t run from fate.

So, if it’s your fate to be caught in a time wasting meeting, sit your ass down and brood!

3. Sometimes we lose ‘power’ in our lives as an indication that we need to pause or slow down.

Working from home has seen me be at my best in terms of productivity. But, it has also seen me at my worst because I push myself to the point of “let them feel like you’re still in office”.

Do this by pushing even harder.

I’ve been learning that I must slow down. Otherwise, I will break down and have no other option than to stop.

Thanks for listening.

Signed with love,

The Suburban Girl


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