Kimone Rose

About a month ago, I was idly scrolling through my Twitter feed and I noticed that a good friend retweeted someone’s message declaring a self rebranding.

Intrigued, I decided to learn more.

Since then, I have come to understand that this Queen is beyond awesome. She is a mixture of the oxymoronic laid back-go getter.

Her name is Kimone Rose and she is an IT project manager, wedding planner and an overall good human being.

What really captivated me are the other two BIG facts about the 5ft 6” human.

She is the 2018 Clarendon Festival Queen and she is the founder of Think Mental Health JA, a mental health wellness initiative with a specific focus on rural communities.

We haven’t yet met in person but between us chopping it up and me stalking her Instagram feed, I have curated some of what I’ve learned.

Who is Kimone Rose?

I am a champion for mental health and the founder and programme manager of Think Mental Health JA – a social intervention programme.

Kim believes that mental health and wellness is everyone’s business and that we all have a role to play in reducing the stigma around mental health.

Her goal includes educating others on how to care for their mental health and how to get help.

What’s your background (academic and otherwise)?

I earned a Bachelor of Science degree – Management Studies (Marketing) in 2016 from the University of the West Indies, Mona. I have plans to pursue my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

I am the 2018 Miss Clarendon Festival Queen, an IT project manager, wedding planner, mentor and ambassador of social change.

Tell me about your mental health initiative.

Think Mental Health came about from my own experience with trauma and an anxiety disorder.

I realised that many individuals across Jamaica remain far removed from conversations on mental health and illnesses. This is especially true for individuals living in rural Jamaica.

The programme bridges gaps and breaks down barriers to connect with individuals on a personal level through a number of initiatives.

Launched in January 2019, Think Mental Health JA is a social intervention programme which focuses on promoting mental health, destigmatising mental illnesses, providing assistance where possible and increasing knowledge on where to get help if needed.

What vision do you have for Think Mental Health JA?

The vision for Think Mental Health JA is to be one of Jamaica’s premier ambassadors for mental health education, support and advocacy, with much focus on rural Jamaica.

Our desire, she says, is to reach as many individuals as possible – from various age groups, religions, educational backgrounds, income brackets etc.

Mental health is everybody’s business. We know that mental illnesses can affect anyone; therefore, no one will be excluded from the conversation.

With features in the daily newspapers, poignant presentations to various youth groups on the importance of holistic health (mind and body), and through her reign as a Parish Festival Queen, Kimone has made a noticeable impact in the realm of mental health wellness in Jamaica. She admits that there has been a minor lull in the execution of her initiative’s mission. But, this ball of positive energy is not daunted.

She has bigger plans to push Think Mental Health JA even further. While managing her own mental health and being mindful of other people, Kimone has started groundwork to reignite the flame of her initiative by forging partnerships with community-based organisations whose mandate includes mental health.

There’s more to come – she reassures.

I mentioned that this mental health wellness advocate is also a wedding planner extraordinaire.

Here’s a brief on how she got started.

Why plan weddings?

My journey started when I assisted my brother and his wife with planning their wedding in November 2013 and the wedding was beautifully executed.

I always loved weddings as a child and would spend flipping through the pages of bridal magazines that her sister would collect. In addition to that, I was always known to be a perfectionist planner. Most importantly, I’ve always been great at interpersonal communication.

The journey officially started after my brother’s wedding. I then decided to utilise my management and organisation skills and fused them with my love for weddings.

I learned everything I could about weddings. Once I felt comfortable enough, I created a logo, put packages together and announced my wedding planning journey.

I juggle the roles of designer, budget manager, overall coordinator and sometimes counsellor. I take care of the stress of planning and coordinating weddings so that my clients have less to be concerned about.

Though my speciality is ensuring wedding bells and properly rung, I have the ability and capacities to pull off other events.

It’s been six years and I’m passionate more than ever. I’m still learning, still growing and I’m excited for what’s the come.

This queen is your one-stop for peace of mind and unlocking beauty. Her expertise falls between mental health wellness and giving folks a hassle-free experience in the planning and execution of their events.

Contact Kimone:

– Phone: (876) 505-3394
– Think Mental Health JA on Instagram: thinkmentalhealth.ja
Email: –