Love Letter #60 | Hot Soup

Multitasking is not efficient. All it does is segment the fullness of your attention and leaves you attempting to complete multiple tasks at once. If you focus on one thing at a time, your efficiency and productivity will improve.

The Night Baker | Altering the Recipe

As the flawed beings that we are, we sometimes forget to work towards achieving balance. We get sidetracked with achieving so much that we focus all our energy on the end product and not the individual aspects that add up (the ingredients).
Yes, we want the A-plus product but the ingredients have to be just right.

Love letter # 24 | Sunday Dinner cooking in Suburbia

Everybody! That’s who… Dear World, For as long as I can remember cooking dinner in the Stewart house, in all our Suburban awesomeness, means that at some point or the other everyone in the family lends a hand in completing an aspect of the meal. I’m talking about the drinks, the raw vegies, the steamed…