Love Letter #59 | PTSD After Falling In the Pedestrian Crossing

Dear World,

If you’ve been keeping up, you’d remember the time I fell in the middle of the road and hurt myself.

Since falling, I’ve had to trod the same journey. Every time I get to the pedestrian crossing in question, I have flash backs. I imagine myself falling repeatedly in front of rush hour people and vehicular traffic.

My anxiety goes through the roof and I’m a completely hot mess.

But, that’s all supposed to be natural, right? Having experienced such a traumatic ordeal, anyone would be on edge at the scene of their accident.

Somehow, though, I make it through. I cross that road with external confidence and no one knows how stressed I am. Haha.

That’s really it though, isn’t it. We endure struggles of varying magnitudes on a daily basis and we never really show how stressed we are.

Even if our PTSD is known to those around us, they will never completely understand because our experiences are uniquely ours.

The Lesson

I guess the lesson here is that one bad experience should never stop you from getting to your goal destination.

If you tried and failed or tried and fell flat with your face to the floor– you get your ass up and do it again! The next time, however, will be more thought out. You will pace yourself, and you will be more calculated.

The point is, you don’t stop. You keep going even after countless ‘failure’.

Into the New Year and Decade

As we start 2020, let us not focus on the negatives that slowed our progress. Let us, instead, focus on how we use trauma to push us into greater dealings.

Let us not focus on the scars. Let us, instead, focus on how much stronger we’ve become. Let us not focus on the ‘big bad wolves’ in our lives. Let us focus on how we’ll use our resources well enough to get around those obstacles.

May this new year find you or direct you in and towards greatness. May this new year see us conquering fears, getting over  and brushing that dirt off.

Let us not become victims of our hurt. Let us, instead, be triumphant.

Happy New Year.

Signed with love,

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