Love Letter #58 | I Fruit Ninja’d My Hand

Dear World.

I woke up and decided to have fruit as one of the first things to eat in the morning.

Perfect, right?
Finally being healthy and making the right choices.

I probably should’ve gone with an unhealthy option to avoid what was waiting on me.

I reached for a grapefruit and a knife.

I peeled the fruit to perfection and my only other job was to slice the peeled fruit open.

I sliced and as the knife was about to exit with a superb finish, it sliced my hand.

To add insult to injury: The darn knife wasn’t even that sharp!

And somehow, I managed to cut myself.

Call me the ‘not so good fruit ninja’ and done.

Being the wuss that I am, I bawled out. But, I remember being in a slightly similar position when I encountered John the pedestrian crossing.

So, this time there were no tears. I reached for my recently bought hydrogen peroxide, the cotton, some antibiotic cream and my bandaid. I was prepared!

Shout out to my first aid kit!


The cut really isn’t as bad. But, a cut is a cut damnit! And I bled too!!


Your first and second bad situations help to prepare you for the third and fourth.

Your third and fourth bad situations help to prepare you for your fifth and sixth.

The cycle continues and you’ll be alright.

My accident with the pedestrian crossing and me cutting my other hand in some weird way prepared me for the knife saying hello.

Now I have two hands with injuries of some sort. Haha!

What kind of bad situations have you recently experienced and how did you deal with them?

Signed with love and a sliced hand.


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  1. Omg. Yes! Stung is an understatement. Haha.


  2. petchary says:

    Good. No tears! But the grapefruit juice stung a little, perhaps…

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