Reflect, evaluate, re-evaluate and relax in the face of uncertainty as a new chapter starts

Think of this moment as if you were restructuring a business that’s special to you. In order to properly restructure, you have to audit and review what’s been done to know where to go and how to go about your new whereabouts. But for right now, let’s just reflect and rest.

Don’t strive for a better you just because a new year approaches

The simpler and more clear cut your approach to achieving goals is, the easier it will be – in theroy – to execute and attain. All I’m saying is that you must have your game-plan; your blue-print; your sketch. With those outlines make sure you also have some back-up.

Love Letter #82 | New Year, Same Leaf

We’ve seemed to fall into the trap of the acceptance of an abrupt end. There’s no opportunity to gather ourselves or the crumbs from the bread of the previous year to make something else in the new year.

Love Letter #59 | PTSD After Falling In the Pedestrian Crossing

As we start 2020, let us not focus on the negatives that slowed our progress. Let us, instead, focus on how we use trauma to push us into greater dealings.
May this new year find you or direct you in and towards greatness. May this new year see us conwuering fears, getting over hurdles and brushing that dirt off.

Let us not become victims of our hurt. Let us, instead, be triumphant.

Happy New Year.