Suburban Telegram #1 | Pain

Dear World.

I’m younger than the age of knowing how to send a telegram or even to know the characteristics of a telegram.

But, a word is on my heart and I must send this message to everyone who needs it.

The message:

Pain, in its many forms, is inevitable.

What we do with the experience of pain will determine how we move forward.

I know you often feel like an overused pin cushion with no more space left for another pin to be stuck in you.

It is okay to show that you’re hurting. It’s also okay to fully embrace your pain. However, I don’t want you to sit in that pain and allow it to fully cripple you.

Need help with unpacking the pain and understanding it? Ask for help and work towards doing something about it.

You don’t have to deal with your problems on your own.

– The Suburban Girl

Signed with love,


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