Love Letter #56 | Bees Pitched On Me

Dear World.

My grandad used to tell me that if bees pitched on me, I would get a series of good situations and also receive money.

My grandma used to say, “You’re such a sweet girl. Never give any trouble and just always nice”.

All of that – and during a time when I could only think of my recently deceased loved ones, I was kissed by a few bees.

No, I wasn’t stung. I was really just pitched on and followed.

A few days ago, a few bees passed by and decided to turn back and sit on my hair and my clothes.

I reluctantly shook them off cause I wasn’t trying to get stung. The shaking was successful. But, with each time I shook, my sweet buzzing friends came back.

I was a bit mortified. I have never been stung by a bee or even followed by one, much less a few bees. And, the worldly stories I hear about bees pitching and following are never good.

I was also torn. What if the shaking would ruin my fate of becoming sweeter or losing my sweetness altogether? What if the shaking would ruin my chances of receiving all the good luck and monetary gains my grandad told me about?

Allow the bees to follow and pitch. If you get stung, you get stung.

That’s what I felt the world was saying to me.

Sure. Okay.

But also, no.

Candice shouldn’t have to leave the comfort of Suburbia to get stung and suffer.

Just. No.

It dawned on me, however, that there was probably a scent that they picked up from my hair and skin and clothes.

I use a whole lot of lemongrass and coconut oil in my hair and skin so I told myself that that was the reason.

So my grandma was right. After all.

But what about the good luck and money that my grandad/grandfather used to tell me about?

Am I to believe that he was lying to me?

I say that because I’ve been doing more spending and experiencing more ‘bad luck’ than at any other time in my life.

When is it time to receive the goodness, the sweetness and the monetary gains, world?!

My Suburban environment said this,

Don’t be so eager to shake when nature comes to you without a struggle. This is a lesson to slow down and engage with what’s in front of you. Of course, you don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way. But, be more conscious. The sweeter things, the good luck and the monetary gains will come. Trust the process. You just have to continue to prepare yourself for nature to help build the reality you want.

I suppose this was Suburbia and the World playing tag team with me.

Dear World, I love you. – Not as much as Suburbia, but I love you.