For these, I give thanks

Bloganuary Day 10

Dear World,

I don’t always purposely take the time to think about the things and people I’m grateful for. This is true. I often get so caught up in just living and trying to survive that my brain and body are either on “go go go” or “slow slow slow”.

I was, however, prompted to write about what I’m grateful for. I tried to think of the less cliché responses but there has to be at least one in the mentions.

What am I grateful for today?

1. The opportunity to see another day (I know, it’s ridiculously cliché, but it’s the truth). There are so many people who died in their sleep, so many whose lives were snuffed out – and somehow, I was among those given another chance to wake up and create…to wake up and do good by people and make a positive impact on the world. That’s amazing and I don’t see why we can’t openly be thankful for such a gift. Yes, it’s a gift!

2. Great discernment. I can read people and situations like a book – cover to cover- and know deep down who/what is trash and who/what isn’t. With the ability to practice great discernment comes the responsibility I have to protect my peace. In doing so, I feed and support the relationships that fan my flames – those that encourage me to burn brighter – those that encourage me to change for the better – those that show me and tell me how uncomfortable growth is, but also how necessary it is. I reciprocate! On the flip side, I use the same discernment to determine which bridges need repair and which bridges need to burn. I don’t believe in the philosophy of not burning bridges. Some of them must go because they were never good for me.

3. Friendships. I’m one of those folks who know a lot of people but I have very few friends. I hardly see them and we don’t talk everyday but the love is strong and continues to grow despite time and distance. They’re real treasures in my life and they show up when it matters the most. I’m also grateful to be able to walk this life with them and support them when they need me – to call them out on their bullshit just as much as they do it for me. We reciprocate the good energy.

4. I’m grateful for my sense of humor. Laughing is among my favourite things to do. I laugh at appropriate and inappropriate times, I laugh when I’m angry, when I’m sad and when I’m irritated. I can even laugh at myself. This skill gives me the strength to move through the rough days and make light of the already light days. Additionally, my ability to cause a ripple effect of laughter in others is also great. Yeah, I have that infectious kind of laugh.

5. I’m grateful for family. I may not see them often or talk to every single member in my family line, but I’m grateful for them. Without family, in all honesty, I wouldn’t exist eh. I am most grateful for my maternal unit and my siblings. They keep me grounded and they help me even when I don’t open my mouth and ask for help. Family isn’t everything but having them means the world to me. If you know, you know.

For an honourable mention, here’s a sixth!

6. I’m grateful for the negative, badmine and grudgeful people out in the world. It is because of them that I know how NOT to live my life. It is because of them that I know how I should live and treat others. If these people didn’t exist, I would’ve been much more lost than I am. They’ve taught me lessons that bring my gratitude list together. It is through my experience with these people that I recognise the importance of being grateful, practicing great discernment and loving on my friends and family. It is because of the negative, badmine and grudgeful that I burnt some bridges and repaired others. I’m pretty sure it was an experience with these people that prompted my ability to laugh and laugh heartily according to situations. I have to tell them thanks!

So yes. I am forever grateful!

Side note, the word, ‘badmine’ is used in Jamaica 🇯🇲 to describe people who are always jealous of others and they respond to everything being triggered by their jealousy.

Signed with love and a grateful heart,

The Suburban Girl JA


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