Christmas isn’t that exciting for everyone

Blogmas 2021 | 12 Days of Christmas | Day 11

Dear World,

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Now that I’ve gotten the ‘obligatory’ greeting out the way… please bear in mind that this season-this day-this month is not joyous for every person you meet.

Some of us, though we look happy on the outside, we’re breaking down on the inside. (Hello, hi. I’m talking about me as well.)

The year has been a rough one. This isn’t just because of the pandora’s box of a global health crisis – even though that situation has added heavy weight to people’s lives.

Some of us have lost friends, family and parts of ourselves this year. Some of us lost even more of ourselves with the passing of people we care about.

Some people have no one to love on them in this time, and as such, they’re lonely and alone.

Some people just don’t give into the commercialization of this period that is actually NOT the birthday of their lord and saviour. Others probably get anxious because today reminds them that another calendar year is ending and they’re not sure what the new year will bring.

For some, today might be the anniversary of death and tragedy. The day or season might trigger some traumatic memory.

People are sad and depressed, man, Don’t guilt trip them because they’re sad on the “most wonderful time of the year”. Allow them space to feel what they feel, respond to stimuli accordingly and be comfortable doing it.

There are so many possible reasons!

So, before you go calling people a Grinch or a Scrooge, consider where their headspace is at. Just because you’re in a good mood doesn’t mean that everyone else has to be.

Check on folks who you know aren’t as chipper today. Be open and listen. If they don’t ask for your thoughts and opinions on how they feel, don’t force onto them. Perhaps pay them a visit or invite them over. Share a meal with them. Share a drink with them.

All I’m saying is – be gracious. We all perceive ‘holidays’ differently (this includes Christmas) but that doesn’t mean people are cold inside for no reason.

*These thoughts are my own and they’re not necessarily supported by any real empirical evidence. Great, glad to have gotten that out the way.

Signed with love,

The Suburban Girl JA


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