An Ode to 12

A Spectacular Suburban September: Day 3

I started writing this in November 2020 and the 2020-pandemic ‘what sense does this make’ energy took over.

So, here I am in September of 2022 completing this blog post.

*I do not claim to be versed in Numerlogy or anything of its nature. I am but a lay[wo]man writing about a number and connecting it with life.

Prelude to the Number 12

Dear World,

Significance attached to things carries a variation of meanings depending on people’s perception of their lives. Some believe that seeing a black cat brings bad luck while others believe a black cat is gorgeous and seeing one will bring great marvel and wonder. The same stands true for numbers.

Though there’s an entire world of Numerology that some believe in and others don’t, there’s personal meaning to a particular number based on my experiences. That’s the number 12.

As a child, I dreamt of 12. For me, the number was a coming of age. It was the transition from silly, immature child into a well-thinking and mature pre-teen. 12 meant that I’d be in the phase of life where I’d know what I want out of life, what I’d achieve. It was the shedding of the negative, old, and heavy.

These thoughts and feelings were shared with a friend of mine. We had countless conversations about the time we turned twelve and all we would achieve. Our visions of the things we’d drop and how we would develop and proceed with life. Naively, we also thought that life would come with something of ‘easy button’. Apparently, 13 and older comes with ease in life. 😂

In our minds, we were ready. Little did we know that that’s not how it works.

Significance of the Number 12

The Internet, math, science, and facts state that 12 is a superior highly composite number, divisible by 2, 3, 4, and 6. They also state that 12 is the number of years required for an orbital period of the planet, Jupiter. The number is central to many systems of timekeeping, including the Western calendar and units of time of day and apparently, it frequently appears in the world’s major religions.

I’ve also learnt that 12 is significant in geo-politics as much as it is significant in law and somehow Greek mythology.

So, 12 is a magical and mythical number rooted in science and religion, I guess.

To my friend and I, 12 was just the age our lives would change for the better. We still talk about 12, by the way. Now, though, 12 represents comparison between our childhood yearn to depart from the childish ways as children 😄 and our now existence. Funny enough, we sometimes wonder why we were so eager to get to 12.

12 in Perspective

We turned 12 and life did not get easier. Surprise surprise. In fact, it only got more complicated as the years added up. Man, were we wrong about 12.

Though the visions we had for our 12-year-old selves were off in calculations, the visions themselves were not wrong.

In my opinion, we manifested for ourselves the things that we wanted. So, when the clock struck 12 at midnight for our 12th birthdays, we unconsciously started to put the work in to achieve our goals.

Of course, life isn’t linear, so some of what we hoped to achieve at 12 or, perhaps, the 12th hour of every birthday after the age of 12, have not yet been realised or actualized. That’s okay. We still have time.

What I can say is that we have put the work in to change our lives and our lives have changed since our initial conversation of dreaming about 12. Some of the change occurred by way of the natural progression of time and space while some of the change happened because we actually worked towards our goals.

As I think about 12 while in childhood and 12 as an adult, my mind sits comfortably in the idea that we continue to work for positive life changes by the time the clock strikes the 12th midnight hour for every birthday.

Maybe that’s what we unconsciously meant when we spoke of 12. Perhaps we truly only meant that once we turned 12 years old, our lives would change. We won’t ever know. The one thing I’m sure of is that some of our manifestations have come to fruition because over the years, we’ve supported the “word, sound, and power” belief with hard work and dedication – so that when our birthdays come, we can celebrate our achievements.

Composite Lessons in the Number 12

These lessons may be subjective as I’m speaking based on the experiences of the Suburban Girl JA.

  • There are 12 hours on a clock and 24 hours in day. Math and RENT say there are 525,600 minutes in a year, There are also 12 months in the year. We have superior highly composite opportunities to work towards our goals.
  • Setting a goal for your life as a child and not seeing immediate results in childhood does not equate to failure.
  • Your goals in life, once rooted in positivity and upliftment, will be realised at one point or another. Why? Well, positivity reigns despite any negative and dark energy that surrounds you. Additionally, where there is positivity and a light, darkness will either leave completely or shrink into insignificant amounts in your life.
  • Though there’s no easy button in life, and life surely doesnt get easier after the age of 12, you should be able to better cope with what life throws your way. Afterall, the winning midset will push you in that direction. If you still struggle to cope, there tends to be superior highly composite ways that can help you to cope.
  • After 12 comes more struggles for sure. There’s no sense in sugar coating it. The reality of facing mortality becomes an ever present thought and the other worries of life – like building the life you want sits at the forefront of your mind. With the struggles come the joy. We learn to appreciate the joyous moments after the struggle and also despite the struggle. A child’s mind doesn’t truly know how to do both.

Read between the lines and interpret these lessons according to your lens. What thoughts did you have when approaching the age of 12? What lessons were received after 12?


The Suburban Girl JA


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  1. Look at you, piquing my interest. Numerology is interesting and I’ve meant to write about it somewhere for quite some time (not necessarily a blog post)

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    1. Happy to pique your interest. 🥂

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