Interview With A Vampire

Bloganuary Day 23.

Dear World,

I recently ran into Count Von Count, the resident vampire and master counter on the well known street of Sesame.

It was dark and I was actually lost and didn’t know the time as my watch needed a battery and my phone had died.

I saw Count Von Count minding his business as he counted the petals on a rose he intended to give to the love of his life for the upcoming Valentine’s Day this February. I waited as he counted each petal and asked him, “kind sir, can you tell me the time? Surely I can count on you to do such a thing.”

Without hesitation, the Count told me the time. It was midnight. Shortly after, I said “thank you. I knew I could count on you!”. The Count then said, “ah, yes! Let me count to 12 for you.” He counted and at the end he called the quantity of that which he counted.

Amazed and amused by this character, I took it upon myself at midnight on sesame street to do a quick interview to learn about Count Von Count.

Our conversation revealed to me that this mysterious and friendly character may be a distant relative of Count Dracula. He has a compulsive love for counting, and he lives in an old cobweb-ridden castle that he shares with many bats. Yes, he counts them too. Some of them were also named. Here are a few of the names: Lyuba, Cynthia, Luba, Grisha, Misha, Sasha, Tattiana, and Louis.

Count Von Count shares that he is a cat person, a wolf person and an octopus person. His octopus is named Octavia! Go figure. Haha!

Fun fact about the Count: he has a personal cloud that hovers over him and provides thunder and lightning during and after his countless counts.

Interesting fellow, the Count.

Count Von Count and his handler, Matt Vogel | Source: Muppet Wiki

Life Lessons from a Vampire

Our conversation showed me that like all of us, Sir Von Count consistently checks himself and all aspects of his life. That’s what his counting is – a form of checking to either ensure that everything is in place and also just because he has a habit of checking. It’s borderline controlling and also teetering on insecure.

If you think about it, that’s how most of us are. We like to have control over the things we want to control and we all have parts of ourselves and our world that triggers the insecure character traits. Nothing is wrong with that.

Oh yeah, remember that personal cloud? Well, we’re much like Count Von Count in that regard as well. We all have our clouds. Some of us carry dark clouds with us while others walk with grey clouds – then there are a few who walk with rain, hail, snow and sleet. Not to be forgotten, there are also some of us with clouds that have the sun peeking through. We even exchange clouds from time to time.

Count Von Count could be any of us. He’s wide awake at night and he constantly checks himself and everything in his environment. He carries a cloud with lightning and thunder. He has pets. He’s the mysterious and friendly character.

He’s Count Von Count!

*In addition to my interview with the Count, I used the Muppet Wiki for details. Image source is also the Muppet Wiki.

Signed with love,

The Suburban Girl JA


4 Comments Add yours

  1. cellyhikes says:

    I love your writing…I enjoyed the interview with the Count and the life lessons at the end ⛅️🌧🌦☁️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Celeste! I appreciate the love and the support! 💛❤

      Writing about Count Von Count was quite fun for me to do. Pulling the life lessons brought me on a personal journey, too. Like, did the creators of Sesame Street characters, especially the Count, have these teachable traits in the character profiles or did they happen to come forth. You get what I mean?

      All interesting.


      1. cellyhikes says:

        Hmmmmmm….good question. Maybe some they thought of or some by happenstance🤷‍♀️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m leaning on the happenstance bit. 😅


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