A Manifestation of Dreams

Bloganuary Day 24

Dear World,

So, I’m not going to talk about a dream that I’ve actually had during REM and remember. I believe that my dreams are a reflection of my subconscious and I also believe that they show me what’s coming or that they connect me to past situations. They’re my guide into, through and from the spirit realm. That’s way too personal for me to share with a bunch of unseen strangers.

What I will do is to talk about a dream/desire I remember having since I was a child and we can go from there.

As a child, I cringed at the questions, “how’s school?” and “what do you want to be when you grow up?”. I hated them.

I find that those questions force children to have the supposed right answer when they don’t even know all the options that are out there for them. They don’t know that it’s okay to not love school and the learning of equations that will never help them with knowing how to do taxes, negotiate salaries, investing, money management or developing emotional intelligence.

That aside, I was asked to write a 5-year plan once. At the time, I was probably 14. It was like 2 pages single spaced. The only desire I remember on this plan was my will to write and have my work placed on various platforms. I remember that my thoughts weren’t properly expressed as to how I would achieve it and how exactly I wanted that plan to unfold. But! I knew I wanted to be able to write words, have them published in some way and have those words positively impact at least one life.

I forgot about that 5-year plan. Roughly six years later, I came across it while clearing out some boxes. By that time, I had some of my words printed in an award winning lifestyle magazine. Not realising what was ahead of me, I celebrated and said my dream was realised.

Fast forward some more years, I write as a hobby and also as an income generator.

I feel like the day I wrote on paper that I wanted to use my words to impact lives was the day I gave my dreams up to God/Mother Earth/The Universe/Jah/Yahweh. I lit that flame years ago and I fed it with the right fuel to keep that fire burning and growing.

It was a word, sound, power moment. I supported my desires with the hard work – with the smart work – with the purposefullness.

I shared that to say we must believe in the power of our dreams. If our desires are but a small thought with underdeveloped ideas and plans, keep the fire burning and feed your desires. Turn those desires into passions and keep working at them. Be positively consistent. If you fall off, don’t stay off. Embed it in your brain and engrave it on your heart like you would some other surface. Live a purposeful life and it is almost guaranteed that you will see your dreams come true.

Signed with love,

The Suburban Girl JA


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