Picture Perfect

Bloganuary Day 20.

Dear World,

I’ve always wondered what image people see when they look at me.

Though I see my reflection in mirrors and other reflective surfaces, I have never seen me from outside of my body. Actually, no one has seen how they look to others. I don’t think so, at least. You know what I mean? Or am I speaking nonsensical things?

Yes we have photography, videography, sculpturists, painters etc. But, again, the ones viewing you, the ones capturing your image will have a different point of view when compared to what you see on you.

This doesn’t even connect with the psychology of personality profiles where people’s perception of you will differ from what you think of yourself. I’m literally just talking about the physical appearance and what features people see, how they perceive those features, and what they determine to be beautiful when compared to what you see.

I don’t know man. Just asking these questions have me thinking about having outer body experiences. It’s either that or I’m high from the non-existent recreational drug that I may or may not use every now and then. I say this because it sounds like a general line of questions that only high people or geniuses talk about.

Anyways, the photo of me that’s currently my favourite shows me in a burnt orange/deep yellow dress and ankle high boots. I was made up, my hair was freshly done and I was feeling confident despite the fact that I don’t know how to pose.

It was a photoshoot I asked a long time colleague to capture and we made it work. Though confident, I was quite self conscious. Though confident, I wondered what physical image people around saw and what image the camera caught.

This is me, in my current favourite photo. It was taken by Judine Johnson.

The lesson here is: no matter what image you have of yourself, others will see something else. It may be similar, but it won’t be identical. Why? Well, people’s perception of you differs. Don’t get your panties up in a knot wondering what people see when they look at you. Yeah, it’s true, you will only see a reflection of yourself because that’s how we were made…to only see our own reflection. However, the view others have of you from images that capture will always be a sight to behold. Make it worth your while and their while.

By the way, this blog post is in no way supported by real empirical data. I wrote it as the thoughts came. Okay, bye!

Signed with love,

The Suburban Girl JA


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  1. Petulla says:

    So profound as in relates to our you view yourself and how others may see you. Self-Awareness will help you to understand yourself to some extent. I love this


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