Why Time Travel?

Bloganuary Day 21.

Dear World,

There’s no time like now for me to live and experience what life has to offer. Why travel back in time to experience the injustices of life and the unfair treatment meted out in human-to-human disputes? There’s enough of that happening now.

I can’t think of a time, based on what history says, where a Black young woman with locs from a pedominantly Black Caribbean country is treated well and respected. This is not to say that much of that happens now.

Perhaps, if I could go back in time, I would be classified as a witch. For I am open minded as much as I question everything and everyone. This includes men and women who either hold power or think that they do.

My witch status would probably also come from my habits of using natural oils in my hair and on my skin. I would be called a witch for my affinity for music and creating stories. Perhaps my witch status would come from the coils and kinks in my hair. I’d be classified as a deviant for I enjoy alcohol and may or may not dabble in a particular recreational drug.

I’d be cast out of many scripts because I don’t fit the cookie cutter stencils that people have for Black women in society.

So, let’s not think of time travel in the sense that we already do. Because…why?

As a matter of fact, instead of going back in time or jumping into the far future, let’s think about how we are all time travellers. We are on the present continuum where we traverse life in accordance to our time. We can’t get back the past 5 minutes much less the last five years. However, we do know that we have 5 minutes in which we can walk a certain distance in the current moment, for example. It’s not time travel in the era jumping sense. But we do traverse time. I say all this because I was slightly inspired by this excerpt:

Of course, we are all time travellers as we are swept along in the current of time, from past to future, at a rate of one hour per hour. But, as with a river, the current flows at different speeds in different places.

Cosmos Magazine

I’m not about to delve into Einstein and his theory of special relativity. I also won’t delve into arguments for worm holes, Black holes and the string theory. I’m not a scientist. I am a nerd, but not a scientist.

Then again, there’s also the time we tell based on our longitudinal and latitudinal location. GMT, EST, EDT, Mountain Time etc. There are so many ways we can technically travel time without doing it according to the theories and the movies or super amazing television series such as ‘Dr. Who’ who uses the tardis to time hop and do perfectly normal things.

Honestly though, I’d probably want to see great African Kings and Queens as they ruled and pioneered fields such as entrepreneurship, wealth building and management, when they truly uplifted and empowered Black Women. I’d love to meet a queen mother, Kandake or even all the Candaces of Meroe. Why? Well, my name is the Latinised version of a great warrior woman. I’m sure each of them would have great lessons to teach me.

Anyway, these are my surface level thoughts on time travel. They’re not supported by the actual scientific and empirical evidence that exists about time. You can Google that, or visitors your every day libraries and do some research.

Okay, great.

Signed with love,

The Suburban Girl JA


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