Love Letter #69 | Hit the Snooze Button

Dear World.

I struggled to get out bed this morning.

That was in part because I went to bed late and I continuously hit the snooze button to ‘get another extra 5 minutes’.

In truth, I was messing with my internal clock and the sleep settings my body has.

In any event, what is done is done, right?

I’ll just reset my clock…or try to reset my clock.

Snoozing People

Not that me snoozing my morning alarms have anything to do with it but I find that hitting ‘snooze’ or tuning the alarm sound on disruptive people and situations is as important in getting another ‘extra 5 minutes’.

Matter of fact:

The same way you set time for particular things in your calendar – same way you should set time for certain people. Do not give them complete access to you. Do not give them all of your time.

They’re not worth it.

Actually, is anyone worth having full access to you?

Tick Tock

I used to allow my time to be misused by friends and colleagues. But, in doing that, I’ve realised that my internal clock has consistently been disrupted, leaving me drained.

Like me, you will always be drained from your issues with an extra dose of Jane and John Brown’s life issues.

That’s way too much for anyone to handle.

This has nothing to do with not being able to manage time. Well, maybe it does, doesn’t it?

Unsettled priorities and ting.

In rearranging my priorities:

I have made it my duty to timetable people. So, Mondays to Fridays in the afternoon, Jane, Jill, Jessica, Tom, Dick and Harry will have x amount of time. My time for self-reflection will happen here and personal development time will happen here.

You get the idea.

Be purposeful with your time.

It has not been easy for me and the corrective actions did not happen overnight. There have been times when I lost track of time and others seize the moment and steal my time.

Timetable the heck outta them.

Structure. That’s it.

Allow no one to steal your time!

Seize the moment

World, take this message as you wish. I’ve decided to share it with you.

I’m sure you’ve received this type of message in different packaging before. However, a reiteration of an important message is always important.


Go forth and protect your time.

By the way, this is not to say that you must cast people out of your life. You need people. We all do!

Signed with love,


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