Love Letter #66 |Use Your Soapbox and Speak Into the Microphone!

Dear World,

Allow me to vent.

Allow me to pull up my soapbox and adjust my microphone and megaphone.

As I made my commute home: so many things went wrong but they led me to the right place and time in order to ‘save’ a fellow sister from the continued assault at the pelvis of a sorry excuse for a man.

The Lead-Up

The day was unproductive. I won’t even try to sugar coat it. I barely achieved half of what I put in my agenda. This made me miserable and disappointed. The little work I completed came up with a few faults and that was frustrating. Yous truly gave up on the workday well in advance of the clock striking 5 pm. I verbalised this feeling and there was no guilt behind my confession. Barefaced, I uttered, ” I am so completely over the day. My brain has shut off and I want to go home.”

There was a heaviness about the day for me and I couldn’t put my finger on what was really going on.

In leaving the office, I dragged my feet and so I missed my bus (taking zero cues from me almost missing the bus a few days prior). I ended up on a bus where I decided to stand and not wait for another bus just so I could sit.

Preparing My Microphone

Halfway into the journey home, I noticed another passenger, a man??, acting suspiciously. Upon further observation, I found that he was pelvic thrusting a woman standing near to him. And her stance suggested she was uncomfortable.

It was evident that him touching her was not because the bus was in motion or that too many bodies were in the bus.

He went out of his way and positioned his disgusting self so that he could cop a feel.

Ole nasty ass.

Doubt and Internal Battles

I wasn’t sure what to do.

In my head, this man would be swift to cause harm to anyone who opposed his behaviour in any form. In my head, I came up with excuses for his behaviour.

Maybe I was creating the situation in my head?

So many maybes and what-ifs.

Switch Roles with the Victim

I envisioned that I was the victim. Candice would appreciate if someone came to her rescue. That was all I needed to open my mouth.

Mic Check!

Loudly but reassuringly, I said to the victimised woman:

“Are you okay? Do you want to move to the front of the bus? Or come stand to my left? I think you should do either of those. Matter of fact, I insist that you do one of those. I see what’s happening and I’m trying not to cause a scene”.

I repeated those words until one other person chimed in. This other person saw what I saw but they weren’t as vocal as I was.

After a few minutes of a projected voice and attention-seeking, the perv stepped away without any protest! I wonder why…

(In retrospect, I should’ve taken his photo and took it to the police.)


  1. The woman who was sexually assaulted was so scared! The other person who spoke up was also scared and that, according to them, is why they didn’t say anything until I opened my mouth.
  2. Candice was the smallest person there and I was also scared!
  3. We operate from a place of fear and the second we witness a situation that warrants our voices be heard, we watch but we don’t see – we hear but we don’t listen – we say we’ll fight against wrongdoings but our actions demonstrate otherwise.
  4. The fear we live in feeds those who perpetrate and they thrive off it. – At one time, the man had a smirk on his face!
  5. If we don’t know people, we decide that their problems can’t be our own.

Soapbox and Mic Time

Never. And, I mean, never cower in fear.

See. Listen. Act!

Speak Up!

Look out for your fellow woman and man!

You could become the victim at any time.

Despite your size, age, gender – never think that your voice doesn’t have power. You are powerful and so is your voice.

Over to You

Will you speak up and protect the men and women you come across in your life?

Signed with love,



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