Love Letter #65 | Shaken Not Stirred

Dear World.

Yesterday, word spread like wildfire of a “suspected case of the Coronavirus at the University Hospital of the West Indies”.

Shortly after that, an earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter Scale rocked Jamaica, Cuba, The Cayman Islands and other countries.

With an earthquake that powerful, a tsunami warning went into effect.

Naturally, most persons were on edge. I wondered what the next event, in such an eventful day, would be.

It was indeed a Nervous Tuesday.

What I noticed, though, was the sense of calm I had in my spirit. Candice definitely was shaken by the day’s events but deep down I was not moved.

My office was ‘let out early’ – like we’re still in school haha. And I stayed back for a good hour or so to complete some work.

I jokingly said that I was:

“Ready to pack up and go home”

But, as I unpack the series of events, it is confirmed that:

1. Blessings overflow.

2. Handling ‘scary’ situations with a sense of calm and tempered responses are best.

3. Though a sense of calm should prevail, swift thinking and responses are also required.

during the earthquake, I gathered my bag, phones, water bottle and my body and took my self out the door.
I may have missed the part where I should’ve “drop, hold and cover”. Candice was calm nonetheless and she moved with all the swiftness. 😂

4. We must acknowledge when we are shaken but we ought not to be stirred by the shakes that life will serve us.

Bond Reference

I recall the Bond character telling a bartender that he wanted his martini to be:

“Shaken, not stirred”.

Most drinkers and bartenders may say that Bond demonstrated a fault and weakness because a shaken martini is less potent than one which is stirred.

What they fail to understand is that:

Being shaken and not stirred allows for one to remain level headed and hold the ability to handle the frictions at fault lines in our life.


Over to You

How do you respond to the earthquakes, suspected cases of diseases and waves of uncertainty in your life?

Signed with love,



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