Love Letter #67 | Walk Out Of Those Sandals!

Dear World,

In a recent daily commute, I looked through the window and saw a woman literally walk out of her sandals.

The strap to one foot of the sandals broke and she literally walked out of them, put them in her hands and kept it moving.

Let’s call her ‘Unbothered Susie‘…cause that’s what she was. – Unbothered.

Sure, her sandals broke.
Sure she was walking in the street barefooted.
Sure, her good clean feet were coming face to face with the sidewalk and street that grimy and ‘germsy’.


Ahe did it with a laugh and smile on her face. It looked and felt like a genuine expression and not one out of embarrassment.

To be faced with a stressful situation and still keep it moving like it’s nobody’s business is a skill as far as I’m concerned.

I saw her ordeal unfold and it brought me back to the time I fell while walking the pedestrian crossing.

This time, however, the roles were switched and no blood was drawn.

Honestly, she inspired me.


I’m bothered Susie taught me:

1. In stressful situations, you should smile at the storm and embrace it for what it is.

2. In stressful situations, find a positive response and keep it moving. The alternative response might not be ideal but it won’t last forever. Keep that in the back of your mind and be comforted.

3. If the strap to your sandals breaks has a ‘malfunction’ and a ‘quick fix’ isn’t in near reach: take the footwear off and keep it moving.

When I fell the other day, I literally got up and kept walking. I didn’t laugh in the moment but when I talk about it, I keel over while laughing.

4. Be kind to yourself and to laugh at some of your struggles in the moment.

5. Practice and learn to become as I bothered as Unbothered Susie.

Over to You

In what ways have you dealt with the strap to your sandals (figurative or real) breaking?

Signed with love,


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