Love Letter #64 | Endure Pain

Dear World,

I wanted to let you know that pain does not last forever.

Like anything else, painful experiences last for the moments they were made for only to be replaced by another experience. And, that other experience will be replaced by another and the replacement will continue until pain is the order of the day again.

That’s how life goes, I’ve come to understand.

Whatever pain you feel right now, I extend my love to you – whether it is mental, physical or even spiritual.

I’ve come to understand that our first reaction to painful situations is usually to run away from them because we “can’t deal” or we “can’t manage”.

I encourage you, however, to embrace your pain for the times that it presents itself. Never try to outrun, tune out or distract yourself from the pain in your life.

Enduring that pain is what helps us to courageously endure other inevitable painful times. Enduring that pain is what helps us to help others in their moments of pain.

I’m not saying that your pain will eventually disappear for good. It will most definitely book an extended stay and it will return.

Upon its return, the feeling might very well be the same. But on its next visit, you might have a better understanding of what is and how to handle it.

I am no expert nor am I doctor of any kind, I am only writing the word placed on my heart.

My Headspace app said it best. On Sunday, January 26th, I got a message from my Headspace app. It said…

If we’re always trying to escape difficult emotions, how can we understand them?

Uncanny if you ask me. Because,

Those words appeared in the notifications on a day where all I wanted to do was cry. It was the same day I had vivid memories of my dad, uncle and grandma who have all passed away. It was the day when one of my athlete role models, tragically died. It was a day where I woke up with a heavy heart.

It’s true though. How you understand anything in this world is by going through it… around it and not be moving away from it.

Go through the pain and take your time to heal.

That’s what I want to leave with you.

If you’re going through a painful moment:

  • Cry if you must. Bawl your eyes out, even
  • Scream if you it’ll make you feel better
  • Embrace the hurt, embrace the pain
  • Did I say “cry” already?
  • Stay away from people who say “don’t cry”
  • Though its hard, make an effort to try and understand the pain and the painful situation.


I’m here for you.

Signed with love,



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  1. celly1989 says:

    Loved this post.. Thanks for sharing 🙏


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