Love Letter #62 | I Almost Missed the Bus

Dear World,

A few days ago, I rolled out bed 10 minutes past my ‘alright, get your ass out of the bed or else you will be late’ alarm.

Once I realised the time, I rushed my routine.

I jumped in the shower and did the oral and facial treatment in that exact space.

Now, don’t go being all high and mighty and ‘I would never…’ on me. You and I both know that you do the same when you’re in a rush.


I imagine that I may have missed a spot here and there. However, I got the essential spots and I was most definitely smelling fresh and clean.

Jumped out the shower and in less than ten minutes I was clothed and ready to dash through the door.

But, I forgot my vitamin C shot. So I dropped one of those fizzy Vitamin C tablets in my tumbler and kept it moving.

I finally made it in the town knowing very well that my bus was probably pulling out the terminal. But I uttered a little prayer which hastened my steps just a little bit.

The bus was in fact pulling out.

Guess what though, the driver saw this little body rushing towards the extra long bus. He stopped and let me scurry on. There was also one seat left! Someone had to motion to me cause I was way too rattled to even notice.

Seated and able to settle my nerves, I made it to work on time.

The Lesson

1. Sometimes a little pep in your step is needed. Otherwise, you’ll miss out on some opportunities.

If I had missed the bus, there were other ways in which I could’ve gotten to my destination on time but I had a goal and I set my eyes set. I think that’s how we should all treat our movements in life.

2. Never become lazy because you know that other options are there. Work towards the first option first and then … if that doesn’t work, you consider the others.

3. A little prayer can go a far way. More time, we just need to put trust in the Most High.

4. You will come across people who are helpers. In the midst of your anxieties and rush, look out for them and be grateful for those helpers.

The bus driver and the person who told me about the seat were mine on that day.

Have you ever missed a ‘bus’ in your life? How about barely catching that ‘bus’? How was that experience for you?

Signed with love,



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