Love Letter #54 | I Fell Off the Bed

Dear World.

If we’ve never met, hi. I’m Candice and, for quite some time, the topic of my period gets plenty of attention.

No, there’s no need to be weird and get uncomfortable. I just like sharing in period discussions, period.

Un-empirically speaking, 8/10 chances you’re a woman who knows the struggle and 7/10 chances you have a sister, mother, cousin, aunt, girlfriend – you get the gist – who goes through a period at least 4-7 days a month. Mine is in the upper quartile.

That was long-winded. Whew!

Anyways, back to what I was saying.

Periods, right. Hi.

So, my period started and I’ve been in enough pain to send me to bed and pause most of my tasks and chores for a while.

My head hurts, my back hurts, my tummy hurts. Everwhere hurts.

I took some pain meds. They’re the ones that may make you drowsy so the bottle warns against using heavy machinery and stuff. After about 20 minutes I felt my eyes get heavy.

Not sure when I fell asleep but I did.

I fall into REM sleep and remember struggling and hyperventilating. There’s no way I can give details because I only recall one thing.

The One Thing

After struggling in my sleep, I fell off a cliff. Someone pushed me. I felt it.

I woke up.

The floor broke my fall and there was blood on my pants.

I lay there on the floor for a good 10 minutes trying to calm down cause I was beside myself having fallen off.

How? How did I fall off my bed?

Dream Interpretation

I imagine my subconscious minded dream self personified my period.

For whatever reason, we started to fight at the edge of a cliff while in real life, I’m tossing and turning as I sleep in the bed.

The Period wins the fight with an act of cowardice and shoves me over the cliff where I plummet to my death.

Maybe I told Period to leave me alone and s/he responded with some stupid reason to be stuck with me until I get to menopause.

More than likely I got angry and threw the first punch. However, since Period is so emotionally driven, h/she loses it and pushes me over.

Man, I have no idea.

I’m just trying to figure out how a big person such as myself falls off the bed while sleeping.

That’s it, really.

Be Supportive

And if you’re one of those people who laugh at or shrug at a woman experiencing the pains of her period, stop it.

The pain is real and so is the blood.

But those are normal bodily reactions that we face as women.

Show a bit more compassion and understanding. If we writhe in pain or our clothes get a period bloodstain, be mature about it and help.

Go buy us some period panties, some tampons, some pads, some chocolate, some pain meds.

Hug us but don’t touch us. Ask us what we want but leave us alone.

Just be there, damnit!

I still can’t believe I fell out of bed. LOL


Signed with love



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