Taking the Bra Off

Day 4: End of the year read between the lines – too short series

If you’ve never worn a bra, this is not for you – or maybe it is.

Dear World,

This one will be rather short because its uncomfortable – much like wearing a bra for any extended period of time.

Not many things can compare to the sweet feeling of relief to pull and remove your bra after facing and conquering the world that’s run by the men and manly people.

That’s all.

Like, I could go into the intricacies of why bras were invented and how they’re evil but helpful but also cruel and also heavenly (in doses).

It’ll take too long to do that and I’m tired of being perked up. I want to get out of this bra, bruh.

Read between these lines at least twice as you wrap 2022. A gem or two may be buried there for you to find.


The Suburban Girl JA


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