Love Letter #82 | New Year, Same Leaf

Dear World,

I don’t know if you’re as tired as I am of hearing folks say, “new year new me” or “new year, new leaf”, or whatever it is that they actually say.

Let me make this as clear as mud. I will not turn an automatic new leaf as the calendars are changed out; we look at fireworks; listen to all the glorious plans of others.

I still have 2020 targets to meet, 2020 goals to achieve. All that will change is the year. So they’re now my 2021 targets and 2021 goals.

The Spill Over Effect

It’s a spillover effect. At least, that’s what I call it. And, I’m in no shape to officially tell you that this is scientific. It makes sense to me, so I run with it.

Guidance from the intoxicated Suburban Girl

I must point out, though, that I’m writing this while being slightly intoxicated (my wine glass is seated to my left as I type). It could be a bunch of drunken mumbo jumbo. Whatever though. Take it if you wish.

Back to the spillover effect.

Time essentially ran out to do all that I wanted for 2020 so I’m about to pour the unfinished and unfulfilled into the jar of 2021 and continue to work for what I want.

But there’s also the fact that 2020 was a royal pain in my royal ass. You know, a pandemic and all. I’m sure you can relate.

Don’t get me wrong, though 2020 was rough and stress was plentiful, my blessings somehow outweighed all that. Go figure.

Sudden end

We’ve seemed to fall into the trap of the acceptance of an abrupt end. There’s no opportunity to gather ourselves or the crumbs from the bread of the previous year to make something else in the new year.

We live on a continuum, right? Everything or most things have a life cycle. Yes? And, that cycle repeats itself, correct?

So why, then, do we pack up and throw out the unfinished or unfulfilled to start a new set of goals for a new year? I don’t get it.

Could it be the feeling of newness that brightens our eyes and gives us some false semblance of hope of greater success with new plans, new goals, new networks and the like?

Just because it’s new doesn’t mean that it’s in your best interest. You may want to look at some those of ‘new’ as a shiny apple laced with harmful elements.

Okay, that’s a gross overstatement but I hope you get the analogy.

Some things can be tossed/restructured

This is not to say that some goals and targets are above being thrown out.

It is in deep reflective moments that one would weigh the benefits and the cons of holding on to some goals as they are. So, when you’re thinking of your ‘new’ year plans, think about what your throwing out or erasing from your agenda.

If they need to be tossed, ‘fling dem out’.

If they need some restructuring, then do that. Evaluate and reevaluate.

You’ll know what to do. I hope.

Not an end, a continuation

I’ll end how I started.

I’m taking my unfinished and unfulfilled targets and goals into the new year. This is not a new leaf, it’s a continuation. I’m still going to grow and I’ll still mature into a better version of myself.

The ‘new’ that is eagerly sought doesn’t serve me. So I won’t indulge.

Oh, Happy ‘New’ Year.

Do you swear by the ‘new’? Or are you a continuation type of person? Are you neither? What do you ascribe to?

Let’s discuss. Bring your wine glass.


The Suburban Girl JA


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