The Night Baker | A FRESH Reintroduction 

Dear World. 

Finding the will and courage to write these past weeks has been a rocky up hill battle. The motivation to do anything has been minimal at best. I found myself in mental spaces filled with a whole lot of negative energy. Negativity bred mental blocks, writer’s block, laziness and self pity because I felt that I could do nothing of any great consequence anymore. 
Not many people would realize that I faced these internal battles as my facade was almost iron clad. I wore my public smile and showcased my public happiness; I was pretty functional, even giving advise to those who sought it. I however felt like I was being selfish to myself and hypocritical to those I came in contact with. Not living the life you encourage people to live does that sometimes. 

I grew tired of perpetuating the negative atmosphere around me. Initially, I had the power to alter and I didn’t follow through. Now, I still have the power and I’ve decided that  I will. 

I will step away and outside of negativity. 

I will focus on my needs and not just the needs of others who require my help. 

I will embrace my feelings more openly without fear of reactions from John and Jane.

I will redirect fear into courage from now on. 

I will banish all stale, outdated and good for nothing ingredients from the batters, doughs and mixtures I have. 

I will insert fresh cuts, bits and pieces of awesomeness into my life. 

In reflecting on a meal I made some time ago -Stuffed Baked Fish, it’s quite applicable to the lesson I’m trying to teach myself and whomever this reaches. 
The ingredients were all fresh. 

  • Fresh water fish
  • Fresh tomatoes (chopped) 
  • Fresh onions (diced) 
  • Fresh scotch bonnet pepper (diced) 
  • Fresh green sweet peppers (chopped) 
  • Fresh calaloo (chopped) 
  • Black pepper (freshly ground) 
  • Fresh Thyme
  • Likkle butter (fresh from the store lol) 
  • Likkle fresh garlic
  • Cinamon 

All ingredients had to be washed and cleaned where necessary. The baking dish was prepared and the oven preheated.  The fish was then stuffed with all ingredients and some placed on the outside as well. Fish was baked for about 30 minutes in a 350°F oven. 

The outcome? So much better than using a bunch of powdered and processed items. My taste buds were pleasantly welcoming of the crisp taste of freshness and a meal filled with flavour. 

I find that the use of fresh ingredients in daily recipes of simple meals yield more enriched and wholesome baked products in this life of an oven. Julia Child said it best. She said, “You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients”.

So,  despite heat permeating at every angle, the use of freshness in all aspects will aid in the development of better tasting, more healthy, enriched product. 

A fresh environment, fresh ideas, A refreshed me through greater self care, a fresh outtake on life, eating fresh foods, being that breath of fresh air for someone and deliberately seeking those who are breaths of fresh air. FRESHNESS all around. 

So this is me, Candice. I am the Suburban Girl and the Night Baker. I am that friendly face, I also go through rough patches and smooth stretches. I’ve decided to use the freshness that the world has to offer to reintroduce myself and enhance the me I hope to become. 

Signed with love and all the fresh ingredients of life, 

The Night Baker 

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