The Night Baker | No need to bake

Dear World. 

I was recently gifted with a ‘deliciously sexy and life changing’ cupcake. Yes,  it was that good!  

Before receiving the cupcake,  I was in the worst mood and my spirit was at a new low. I had no intention of remaining in that state but I had no real pathway to escape. As such, I made multiple elaborate plans and drafted strategies on how I’d rid myself of this funk. The intention was there to implement my plan but then I did some research and listened to testimonials on how folks rid themselves of their low moments in life. Doing that triggered additional thoughts that gave birth to a new set of brainstorming sessions in my head. I then made more plans and strategies as to how I’d be back to “normal” (whatever that is…was?). The cycle continued and it saw me not actually addressing what it was that I needed most. 

I needed comfort. That’s all I needed. This fact dawned on me as my gift giver gave me a Banana Nut and Maraschino Cherry Cupcake. The packaging was to die for, the flavourful scent tickled my olfactory senses just right and the cupcake was bigger than I anticipated. I instantly felt a bit of positive change in my everything!

I ate the cupcake slightly warmed and savoured every bite, every chew and every swallow. I ate it with my eyes closed and just about to the same time, birds were at my window twittering. All was right with my mood, spirit and therefore all was right with the world. 
Whoever thought that a cupcake would cause comfort is a freaking genius. Ha!  

I take from this a wonderful lesson. Life is not as complicated as we make it out to be. There will be times when the answers to our problems are already manufactured; no need to dive into elaborate planning and execution. No need to reinvent the wheel. The answer already exists, no need to create it. 

Get that cupcake, eat it and solve your problems. 

Signed with love, 

The Night Baker 


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