Love letter #34 | The unlikliest of friends.

“Forming a friendship isn’t so much about the external as it is about soul filled internal.” – Candice Stewart

Dear, World.

I tend to view sights and situations from a perspective that most of your native adults wouldn’t even dare to explore. I believe the reason for that is due to the ‘adult’ that they engage themselves in 24/7. Most of your native adult people have lost all sense of their inner child, and their imagination. Your native children and people of Suburbia continue to embrace their inner child. We find that it’s good for the soul and it helps us to retain our idea of normal.


I recently found myself witnessing, what I call, a friendship being shared between a pig and an egret. Well, the two were just walking side by side along the bypass. When the pig stopped, the egret would move closer and break that personal boundary just to pick at the pig. I watched even more closely to see that the bird was having what I figure to be lunch (because of the time of day). Some kind of bug or insect type was on the pig (tics, maybe). I thought that the act was so kind and so awesome. They must have been friends. Friends don’t let blood sucking tics lay on their friend’s back and not chomp on that tic.

Now I know that science says they share a symbiotic relationship and whatever but that’s a cover up! No one can tell me that the egret wasn’t helping a homie out. No one! They’re best friends.

And no, I’m not crazy.

And, to the eyes of your boring adult natives, I know that all they saw (if they even took the time to notice such amazing creatures) was the actual face value of the event. They saw a pig and a bird walking along the bypass. But, for all we know, they could’ve been walking while engrossed in some conversation or the other. I’m so serious. And who says a bird and a pig can’t be friends. I know for sure that if your native adults saw two pigs walking, they’d think that they were friends or probably just acquainted because their both pigs. Makes sense, right?


I’ll shout it from the Blue Mountain peak if I have to; You don’t have to associate yourself with only those who hail from your neck of the woods or even your ‘type’…whatever that may be.

Look between the obvious more often and embrace that imagination some more! And remember that “sometimes, the best relationships are formed by the most unlikely pair.

Don’t laugh. This is real stuff. I love you for allowing me to witness such greatness.

Signed with love,

Candice K.


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