Love Letter # 28 | For my Mother…May I inherit at least half her strength

“I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” 
― Mitch AlbomFor One More Day


For my mother...
For my mother…

Dear World,

It’s been almost a half of a year since I last spoke to you. How have you been doing? So much has happened since my last letter to you. I will however reserve my life’s drama for other letters. This letter should speak for itself. if you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them after carefully reading and understanding each word that I write.

The first lady in my life has been and will always be my mother. She’s been there since day one. She’s nursed my hurt and my pain; she’s been that #1 shoulder upon which I can freely and openly bawl my eyes out; she’s been my #1 motivator, my inspiration. My mother has given me the proverbial kicks in the rear when I needed it and didn’t realize it : you know…that ‘you’re gonna learn one way or another type love’ kind of love.

My mother has been my number one fan. She celebrates me and she celebrates with me. She laughs with me and she cries with me. Whatever emotion I feel, she feels it too. This woman is the first voice of reason I consult. [This goes for all her children]

I love her without end. There really is no reason for the love that I have for her. I love her just because and I know she loves me without end also. She doesn’t love me because of anything. She just loves me.

It’s that kind of pure, unadulterated kind of love.  The love we share transcends all physical things of this Earth. Cosmic is how I’d describe the love that we share for each other.  I truly hope to inherit at least half of her strength.


She has many names.

Mommy and other forms of ‘mommy’ is the first. Strong is her second name. Brave is her third name. Blessed is her fourth name and Phenomenal is her fifth name.

My mommy has raised three beautiful and amazingly smart children; Sharane, Hodari and Candice. She did so with her king, our father, by her side. [Blessed]

The time frame in which he got sick and passed away was extremely tolling on my mom. But guess what, she’s making it through. She’s not there yet but there is that hope burning deep within her soul that will get her to the point of being alright…of truly being alright. [Strong and Brave]

There was that one time when she was robbed at gun point…she’s making it through that. [Strong]. There are the times when she opens up about the incident stating how much she has forgiven those men. [Brave]

There are the times when she celebrates with her children and all that we’ve achieved and are still achieving. [Blessed]

There are those many times when she embraces life and her woman ness for all that they are. She’s unapologetic for celebrating these things and she encourages that word (celebration) in our home. [Phenomenal] – so full of life and wonderment.

She tries her best to allow nothing to get her all the way down in the doldrums of life. All three of her children are still trying to master that art in the manner that she has.  [Phenomenal]

Once mommy can, she will. I tell her constantly that she can’t be everyone’s saviour.  Half the time she refuses to listen because she knows that she can and one of her many philosophies in life is to give what you can when you can. [Phenomenal]

Another name that Mommy; the blessed, the strong, brave and phenomenal woman has is beautiful. 

Her aura speaks happy and beauty. I have no idea how she does it but that’s what it is. Everyone she meets falls in love with her spirit. I kid you not. Everybody loves this woman.

She is slow to judge and quick to find the good in pretty much every situation that comes her way. She’s an adventurer at heart (slowly putting it into practice) 🙂

She’s a mother of three and she takes care of us continuously. She smiles without end and she laughs as much as she can. Words of advice are never short or lacking with her.

She is Beverly Stewart. The Blessed, brave, strong, phenomenal and beautiful mother of Sharane, Hodari and Candice.


May we all inherit half her strength.


Signed with love,

Candice K.


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  1. Sharane Stewart says:

    This made me cry, beautifully stated. Gosh you have a love affair with words thats unparallel

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tears of joy are always good. Thank you so much! 😘


  2. Moy says:

    Beautiful letter Candice and I agree 200% with all that you have said 🙂


  3. thetoshperspective says:

    Heart-warming and beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing, big up Mommy!


    1. thanks darling. I really appreciate it.


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