Love letter # 29 | Ramblings

Take some steps back and make honest evaluations about yourself. – A message to the people of the World and also of Suburbia…


Dear World…

I’ve been thinking about the manner in which your citizens treat their fellow man and woman. I must say that I am more than disappointed in your people. How can we call ourselves our brother’s and our sister’s keeper but at the same time we withhold pertinent information and also do and say things that hinders our growth and development as individuals and as a collective group? Why do we think that we have to hide the truth, steal, lie and hurt others to make a point? How can we, after doing all those things, claim our right to be helpers of those in greater need than ourselves? How can we claim our right to lead a team when our negative actions speak volumes about our character? How can we look at ourselves in the mirror and not see the need for some serious honest self evaluations?

We see wrong and immoral things taking place and we, for the most part, turn a  blind eye or we whisper behind closed doors. Why do we do that? The few people who do decide to speak up and out against all foolishness gets ostracized and tossed to one side; we get treated like chopped liver.

“How dare you challenge the ‘proverbial crap’ that I’ve laid out before you”. Is the silent question that gets asked quite frequently.

This is mind boggling!

Instead of being so sneaky, dishonest and disrespectful… how about you do and say what is right for all players involved in whatever situation? Make an attempt to not withhold information. Make an attempt to not speak ill of people behind their backs. Make an attempt to have an open mind and welcome questions and challenges posed by people you work with. Make an attempt to do honest self evaluations. Instead of saying that you’re helping folks, go out and actually help them and don’t go boasting that you did. Learn a little humility and learn to learn new things from those you wouldn’t expect to learn things from.


Make an attempt to do and say positive as opposed to your usual ‘down talking’, ‘i’m the all powerful and all mighty’…

It does reflect on you as a person in the end.

Don’t do it just for face. Do it to recreate yourself. Create a new you…a better you.


Signed with love,

Candice K.



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  1. thetoshperspective says:

    We grow up in a culture where, as children, we are taught that sharing is caring yet as we get to adulthood, there is a shift. Kindness and politeness are suddenly met with suspicion and labels such as ‘thirst’ are attached. We lose our sense of community. We are taught that we should reach for our own success, forgetting that whatever is accomplished or is to be accomplished is not and cannot be done alone. Blinded by selfishness and it will see to our demise.


    1. This is not the way to live a fruitful life. Not by any means. Something needs to be done.


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