Love letter #16

If you can not be early, be on time or d other way roun! Damn it.

Dear World,

I have come to find that many of your natives have little knowledge and appreciation for being on time for almost every event. I can’t fathom how some folks take forever and a day (in my time) to get ready for and leave to be on time. I understand that at times (pun intended) things happen unavoidably that results in tardiness, I get it. What I don’t understand is the fact that these “unavoidable situations” happen everyday! How on Earth do these people function on a daily basis.

Here are my main thoughts on those who are always or most times tardy. 

  1.  I may be wrong but I’m thinking that your natives who fall into the category of “Always tardy” fail to carefully and efficiently calculate their moves in preparing themselves to be on time or at least be early.
  2. I also am of the opinion that the very same “always tardy” folks are LAZY. Yes, World, I said it, they are lazy, lazy, lazy!. How can you always be late for events?  Are you to tell me that not once out of the million and one times (another pun) you have an event or just somewhere to be that you can’t get up and go do what you need to do to be early or on time? | This goes out especially to the ones who wake up in the mornings knowing exactly what it is that they have to do and decide to stay their ass in bed. It also goes out to the ones who, as my father used to say, “dilly dally” ’bout the place as if one either lost their shadow or their heads and waste time (pun again) till time (oh look! another pun) catches up on them.
  3.  Third thought on “Always tardy” folks is that they have absolutely no respect for time (pun intended). They sure as hell don’t respect the time (next pun) of others. How on Earth can you continue to make specific plans to do something or be someplace at a particular time (pun again) and you’re never at the place or doing that thing at the time (pun, pun, pun) in which you planned? Joke dem a joke cause they sure as hell can not be serious. 
  4. Next on the opinions list is that “Always tardy” folks are selfish people. Really and truly, all they seem to think about in terms of time (more pun) is their own. The time (pun again!) and sacrifices of people who wait on them are not taken into consideration. What the hell is up with that though?

Additionally, most behaviour will continue if they are not questioned. Therefore, those folks whose time (more pun) is being wasted by tardy people need to say something, do something (and not in a joking manner) to let it be known that it is not desirable to wait forever and a frigging day to move on with life. Do not encourage tardiness. See how lobbyists and advocates do campaigns about “Say No” to this and that and the other, i am here to “Say No to Continuous, Avoidable Tardiness”.

In the time (puns for days) that these folks take to do everything except get ready or prepare themselves to be on time or early,they could be ready and good to go and maybe even have time to spare to do the dilly dallying.

Now, World, do not bother to come with the “that’s the culture to be late. I don’t care about that cause that is BUllsh. This tardy tendency needs  to stop.

To the people of the World:

Stop the dilly dallying

Find back yuh shadow

Put your head back on your body

Plan things and follow them!

Respect the time of others

Doh be selfish

Dash away that always lazy mentality

Do what you need to do and do it so that you can be early and if not early, ON TIME!!

Signed with love,

Candice K.


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    (solution for “most tardy situations” (pun)


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