Love letter #15

Fun fact: I am as blind as a bat.

Side note: Sorry Jason! The incident was also inspiration to write this love letter. Mi neva see yuh.

Dear World,

Many of your natives fail to believe me when I say that I am visually impaired. I must admit that some of my fellow Suburban kin folk dismiss me when I share this fun fact with them as well. In their mind, I choose to ignore them when they wave at me or call to me from a distance, or  something of the sort.

If someone sees me from a distance and waves at me; they expect me to wave back. Let me say this to your people right now; EXPECT NOTHING because it’s not guaranteed that I will see you. Even if I hear you, I might not be able to place the voice and I can’t see your face, so either identify yourself to me or just count that hail up as being wasted.

Sometimes, World, your natives  find it necessary to attack me on another day to say that I am ignoring them cause apparently  that is the only  ground on which I have to not respond to a greeting.

Whatever. Attack me all you want. If I can’t see I just can’t see. 

World native: “See the one named Candice, mi aguh stop call to har or hail har up cause shi feel like seh man a beg har d likkle hail”

Candice: “I didn’t see you though” -_-

World native: “Suh you seh. Just admit seh you neva wah fi see me inna d first place”

Silence coupled with my straight face.

I have no need to explain myself but I shall do it anyways.

I wear tested glasses. Granted, they aren’t always on my face, but the fact is I wear spectacles, yes. Without them, especially at night, my vision is worth diddly. The vision in one eye is very blurry and the vision in the other is decent enough. So imagine the lens in my spectacles; one is way thicker than the other.

Have a laugh while you envision won’t you.

Partial blindness is one of my many handicaps and I embrace it with all my heart. World, stop acting like some of your people aren’t just as handicapped as me or worse.

Bout you laughing at me. I feel the love. 

I know a few of your natives upon hearing this might very well dub me the handicapped or retarded Suburban young lady. World, in all honesty. I care not what they think. I know I’m challenged with terrible eyesight but hey, those folks made so “perfect”  are straight up boring.

I know what you’re thinking and yes, I am rationalizing my blindness to make me feel a little better. It’s no big deal, World! So don’t go judging me.

At times persons will walk right by me because my eyes fail to process the contours of their faces. It’s not because I dislike them or that I was ignoring them. I really and truly did not see them.

Blind as a bat I am.

Thought I might share this with you and especially your people. Another love letter is on its way. I think I shall point out another one of my imperfections. 

Signed with love,

Candice K.


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  1. kinkykaykay says:

    dwl!!!! Nevr knew you were a blindie too!!! (Don’t get me wrong hun, I have ‘twenny twenny vision.’ Good to know, just in case i see u, and u don’t reciprocate. Lol!

    enjoyed this one btw 🙂


    1. big up the twenny twenny posse. lol. thanks for the love hun


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