Love letter #14

give blood

Give love, Give blood.

Dear World,

My blood type is O and I am a blood donor. I’ve been a blood donor for about 3 years now.

What’s the blood type of each of your natives? Here’s a photo illustrating the blood types and their compatibility.


  • Group O can donate red blood cells to anybody. It’s the universal blood donor. That’s me! 🙂
  • Group A can donate red blood cells to A’s and AB’s
  • Group B can donate red blood cells to B’s and AB’s
  • Group AB can donate to other AB’s, but can receive from all others.

Why not share what I have if I can help save lives? To your natives, World, – Why not share what you have to help save lives? 

Why should your people give blood?

  • 1 pint of blood can save up to 3 lives
  • Every 2 seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion
  • Blood cannot be manufactured; it can only come volunteer donors
  • The life you save might be a loved one.
  • The life you save might be your own

I swear to you, World, every time I give blood I feel like a superwoman heroine type chick.


I could see you there having a chuckle, but it’s true. I guarantee that I don’t jest when it comes to something so serious as me giving blood. The superwoman heroine type chick feeling takes place because I was afraid of all things related to me and the blood donation procedure.

Let me tell you, I used to get real queasy at the sight of blood. I used to be scared shit – less of those big ass needles. I used to dread the thought of my blood leaving my veins and going into a bag. Can you imagine someone with all those fears volunteering herself to donate blood? I was having an internal panic attack but was as cool as cucumber on the outside. I was amazed at the fact that my blood pressure was normal on that day of reckoning. The first time I gave my blood, I immediately need to pee once the needle went into my arm. I also started to feel like my arm was about to fall off. All I wanted to do was leave BUT I chose to stay and give my pint. After all, every adult human has up to 10 pints of blood; giving 1 pint won’t kill.  I knew that my discomfort was a mind over matter situation so I used my positive self talk to make it through the entire process.

World, this is serious, so I ask that you do not laugh at my reactions. I can’t help it. In my Jamaican dialect “nuh you tell mi seh yuh love mi? so dooh laugh cause it nuh funny”.

You might be wondering why I would put myself through all of that internal tension if I was so afraid. My answer is easy to deliver. First, I like to face my fears head on and conquer them. Second, I’ve heard of many persons who needed blood but didn’t get any because none was available at the blood bank and as a result they died. Third, I had learned that my blood type was O and that means that individuals with O, A, B and AB can receive my blood if they need it. Based on those reasons I though “what the heck”, I’m healthy and I fit the blood donor criteria so why not give my blood? Natives of the World, you will know if you’re eligible to give blood when the nurse or doctor screens you at the donation site. You can also do a mini research to find out.

I know that many of your people have had horrible experiences in giving blood and tell themselves that they are forever psychologically scarred and therefore they’re scared. Tell them that I said they should give it another try to feel that awesome super hero feeling knowing that they’ve helped save the lives of persons. Tell them also that I apologize on behalf of the nurses or doctors who added to their psychological scars, that’s what happens in the World at times. lol. I’m sorry, I had to laugh right there.

On a serious note though, I implore all your people dear World to give blood once they are able to do so. Say this to them, “1 pint of your blood can save up to 3 people”. That’s a whole lot of people for one person to save. Say this to them also, “The life you save might very well be your own”.

It’s an awesome feeling knowing that at least 3 people somewhere out there will be able to breathe more breaths of as healthy a life as possible because I decided to donate my blood.

blood donation

Think about it.

Signed with love,

Candice K.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Simeca says:

    Hmmm, thought about it. Last time I checked I was underweight. And I remember the last time blood was drawn for me, for testing purposes I threw up on the lab tech :&. But thats good. Face ur fears gurl!!! woot u go. But what about those Jehovah’s Witness ppl tho.


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