Love letter #4

Food was made to be consumed and enjoyed, no matter what it is , no matter how it is consumed. Selah!

Dear World,
As you already know, food is any substance consumed in order to maintain life and encourage growth. You know that I love food; what normal person wouldn’t?! This letter is not intended to tell you how much I love food (you already know that). The intention at this point is to tell you how much your people annoy me with their issues about me eating the food that I like and staying away from the food that I don’t like. I see them scrunch their faces at me when I say I prefer this instead of that or that a particular type of food makes me sick. Why the hell do they care? Really, why? My diet and food preferences has nothing to do with them and will not affect the cost of their everyday living.

Your people are something else I tell ya. Just because this young lady from the Suburbs has food preferences that differs from your people I’m all so fascinating when I sit or stand to eat the food that I like. I laugh of the reaction your people give, World. ‘Tis rather amusing. Treating me all alien. If I chew slowly and then swallow, it’s a problem. If I pick at my food, it’s a problem, If I cut and swallow, it’s a problem. If I scoff, it’s a problem. I  grow and develop normally just like they do from consuming preferred types of food. I’m alive and well too, else I wouldn’t be expressing my thoughts to you in this letter. Bout they treating me all alien. Ha!

You know what aggravates me? (Yes you do. Just listen and let me speak) Whenever I decide that I want to create my own list of ingredients to cook a concoction that is new and innovative with an “out of this world” taste and look; or even if it’s not formulated by me but I introduce food cooked in Suburbia to your natives who I call my acquaintances, I see them scrunching their faces as though they’ve smelled something foul. It is never polite to “skin up”your face at people’s food. Being asked “Ah wah dat?” about my food is not very appealing to the ears. World, why have you not taught these people anything? Total disrespect in the eyes of a Suburban grown young lady. After all, I embrace the food introduced to me by your people. Some of it I do not like but I’ve never been rude like that!

This is what I mean when I say I receive “alien treatment”. World, I believe that you secretly enjoy moments like this when I vent to you about how displeased I am with your people. You never seem to really care about this.  These issues matter to me and they should to you. If you love me like you say you do then they should mean something more than a “laugh out loud moment”. You already know how I feel about you. Don’t laugh at me and the issues I raise. Can you do that for me?

While you decide whether or not you should reduce your “laugh out loud moments” with the issues I raise watch this rather long raspberry from me to you and your people.

Now suck my big toe and move it along.
Signed with love,

Candice K.


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