Choose Your Zombie-Slaying Apocalypse Team Well

A Spectacular Suburban September: Day 7

With all that’s going on in the world right now – pandemics, wars, famine, the climate crisis – I imagine that we inch closer to the apocalypse that we all read about or watch in the form of tv-series and big bucks movies.

Mentally, I try to prepare for what seems to be the inevitable. So, I can work on my mental and physical fitness for the dystopian and apocalyptic age but I’d also need people to survive. In as much as I don’t particularly like people in the current world, I’ve accepted that they are important and that importance transcends the state of our world.

Dear World,

Have you ever thought about your zombie-slaying team during the apocalypse? Like, who are you gonna want to be on your team? Who will you choose?

Who will you choose and can your zombie slaying squad handle them?

I know for sure that my zombie-slaying squad has been identified and altered, in my head, just about every week. This selection isn’t so much about individual people. It’s more-so about the human characteristics and traits that I’m paying close attention to.

Even in our current state, we evaluate people by the traits they have and the type of person they are (generally by way of characteristics and personality). Some folks we want to build relationships with and others we want to avoid all-together. It’s a similar (but more intense) process, I think, when it comes down to me choosing my zombie-slaying squad.

Choosing Your Team

Choosing your team

Let’s be real from the start. We don’t always get to choose. Sometimes we have to work with the hand we are dealt and sometimes we are the dealer.

But if I had to choose, I’d skip over those consistently unreliable people. You know, the ones who say they’ll get something done and NEVER ever get it done. The ones who always drag their bags of excuses along every journey. We don’t want that type of energy.

I want to know that I can count on you to lock the gate that keeps the zombies out of our bunker when the zombie wave comes. I want to know that you will work on a project and get it done because the rest of the team and family are counting on you to do what you say you’re gonna do – whether you volunteer or you’re asked and you accept. I want to know that as my colleague in zombie slaying, tou have my back. You commit to being on a team, damnit. A commitment is a commitment. Don’t be a flake.

I’d choose the folks who are teachers – not necessarily by profession but by character trait. Teachers, the real ones, are willing to learn and adapt as much as they are willing to lead and teach. I learned somewhere once that the greatest leaders know how to step aside and follow. They know how to take instructions and follow accordingly. Leading and being a leader is much more than delegating and parading around with a title.

I can’t fathom having an egotistical person on my zombie-slaying team.

Naturally, I’d also want physically strong folks on my team. Add to that, however, that the small and agile folks are just as important.

The loyal type is also of great importance. Again, we don’t want a flaker or even worse, a flip flipper hanging around.

Be the Ideal Zombie-Slaying Team Member

Being the ideal addition will make all the wheels turn as they should

Knowing who you want on your team is great but you also have to be the right person for the type of team you want to be a part of.

Again, we’re not always dealt the hand we want. Sometimes, we’ll end up in groups that are all the way left. However in the world where we can prove our worth to the ideal zombie-slaying team, put yourself in the mindframe of the leader identifying who they want on their team.

You wouldn’t want a slacker or an unreliable doucbebag. So, don’t be that type of person. You wouldn’t want to that unreachable person who is power hungry but doesn’t add value, so don’t be that type of person.

If that’s genuinely how you are – to be everything you don’t want from chosen team member do some soul searching and fix you.

Another issue to note is that not all teams are ideal for you. So, it makes no difference how much you try to be the ideal fit, some teams won’t fit or suit your needs. But, we are talking about a zombie apocalyptic team, maybe we wouldn’t have that luxury?

The Inevitable Selfish Choices

Choose to step away or step aside from the squad

For one reason or another, you’re gonna have to put you first in some situations. My advice here is that you weigh the pros and cons. Ask yourself if the group is a danger to your personal safety – whether it be emotional, mental, or physical safety. If the answer is yes, build up on your resources and skillset. Work on your exit strategy and cut out of there as soon as you can. You may also choose to step back a few steps while remaining on the squad. Read the room and check the temperature, really.

Self preservation is more important than you think.

A Summary on the Zombie-Slaying Squad Decisions

The lessons were clearly wrapped up in the sections above. The fun part in all this is that you could very well apply these to your every day personal and professional life – the pre apocalyptic and dystopia world.

There are two lessons, however, that could become an afterthought.

In choosing people for your team or being chosen for a team, you won’t truly know what you’re getting into until you’re actually in it. Be guided by your discretion and discernment.

Candice Stewart

Humans are inherently selfish and turn on you faster than you can blink your eyes. Walk the thin line of trust and caution carefully.

Candice Stewart

I’m pretty sure that some crucial points were missed.

What other types of people would you have on your squad? What other traits would you aspire to have in order to be chosen?

Let’s talk about it.


The Suburban Girl JA


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