A Jamaican Suburban Girl Tree

Bloganuary Day 30.

Dear World,

Let me start by saying this: the feature image I’ve used isn’t in my neck of the woods. At least, I’ve never seen one in my part of the tropics. However, if I were to describe myself as a tree, I’d probably look like that.

My roots go deep and are plentiful. My trunk and body is just as strong as it is delicate. My branches remind me of my hair – plentiful, strong but also delicate. I go through the seasons and sadly I’m not evergreen. I have dry moments and I have flourishing moments. But the base of my tree?? the top soil – that section of my being is rich and can sprout freshness despite whatever is happening up top. With all of that, I am beautiful in any stage of my life. I am Black and I am beautiful.

That’s most important, I think. If my roots are nourished properly and are covered by top soil that has healthy and good greenery, there’s always hope. I grow up and out because of the soil and roots that feed and support me. My branches and hair can grow up and out or down and out. It all depends on what’s happening at the time.

I am as strong as I am delicate because as much as I fortify myself, the outside world is brutal. As such, the forces will do everything in their power to harm me, cut me down, burn me and break me down. But! I am resilient. Sadly though resilience cannot fight the powers of deforestation – chopping me down and burning every part of me to benefit the ego and super ego of those negative forces in the name of their development.

This is me. A Jamaican Suburban Girl – A tree – strong, delicate and beautiful.

Photo shot by Judine Johnson Photography

And, at the end of the day, I just exist. I bask in the sun, dance in the rain, sway with the breeze, pray to avoid ligtening strikes and I try not to yield to the wrath of the evil that exists.

Does this make sense? Do you feel that way too? Let me know.

Signed with love,

The Suburban Girl JA


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