The Night Baker | Preparing the Vessel

Dear World,

There’s no recipe here. There is only a lesson on cleaning an important item to prepare it for future use.

I recently emptied a tin holding cake as it’s content. Each day, as I took a slice here and there, the cake dwindled until it was done. The only thing left to do was to clean it and prepare for the next time a batter gets poured in and baked. This exercise of “eating cake till it’s done” and then washing/cleaning the most important tool, teaches a valuable life lesson. If you haven’t got it by now,”the most important tool” is the cake tin/your every being/the vessel.

YOU are the vessel in which wonderful flavours will be poured and baked. YOU are the vessel from which persons will cut, pinch, bite and share with others. YOU are the vessel that will be used until it no longer serves a particular purpose. You are the vessel that will be tossed out after use if not cleaned. You have to cleanse and replenish in order to be ready to make that lasting impression on the taste buds of your next set of testers. 

Be that vessel. Be it not only for others. Be that vessel for you. Once your vessel is clean, you’ll be able to produce greater flavours and tastes for all to experience.

The lesson: When it comes to your being, you give and people take. This is how it’s been and this is how it will always be. Parts of who you are and willing to share tend to dwindle from time to time. That’s natural. The key is to cleanse regularly and replenish to feed your soul and others you will come in contact with. As you are not exactly like cake, you should avoid allowing your being to become so diminished that you can’t even function. 

Allowing folks to consistently take without cease will inevitably bring you down to nothingness. No one wants that to happen. 

You MUST cleanse and replenish in order to freely give of yourself.

Signed with love and flour dust on my nose,

The Night Baker


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  1. Sharane Stewart says:

    valuable lesson indeed!!

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