Love Letter #37 | Life lessons 

Dear World. 

I was taught a valuable life lesson recently.  It goes a little something like this –  The ambitions of some people trumps morality and righteousness. 

This is a hard pill to swallow but at the end of the day, we have to swallow it. It’s either that or we suffer from the deep seated fever of knowing right and expecting that everyone will do right. 

The point is, individuals will take steps toward professional and social mobility at the cost of side swiping correctness and due process in its entirety. I think that we will all learn this lesson at some point. We might be the ones perpetuating it. We might even have to re-learn if God thinks that we didn’t quite grasp the essence of what was being taught. 

After all,  he is the ultimate teacher. 

I was naive enough to believe that the good in every person we come across will always shine through. When in reality, the good shines through only from those we least expect it. The individuals we praise as this or that will most likely be the ones to proverbially flip you the bird or spit in your face. 

In bearing witness to the trumping of morality and righteousness, my thought processes went into a tailspin from which I expected no recovery. 

I was wrong. 


The first step was to embrace my feelings during and after the fact. This wasn’t easy as I responded “outside my character”, according to some. There was no way to avoid this response. Hurt, anger and disappointment are part of situations like this one and one’s response is just that;  their response.  (more on character in another post). 

Second step is to accept what has happened and look to the future. Forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future It makes no sense to dwell forever on what clearly can’t be changed. 

The third step is to forgive. Forgive the process, forgive the perpetrators and forgive myself. 

The fourth step is to smile and move on. Move on and look beyond the horizon. My journey, I expect, will have plenty more of this sort of experience. As such, I’ll grin and say, “bring it”.

Bring it

All this is easier said than done. But,  it can be done. And it will be done – even if someone else comes along and pulls the card to trump the right. 

Signed with love, 

Candice K.


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