Love letter # 22 | Tief will NEVER prosper

This is for my friend Trudi – Ann.

Material possessions can always be replaced, A life; not so much.

Dear World,

Your thieving natives irk the very essence of my heart and soul. About two weeks ago, I received news that my childhood friend was attacked from behind and robbed by a very “scabbylicious” thief and his cronies. He and his literal partners in crime stole my friend’s pocket book with small but still valuable contents. Her life was threatened and she surrendered her belongings. After they got her things, they drove off in a motor car.

This incident occurred in the daytime. Sun did a shine heverwhere*.

Side-ish note: Thieves are some cowards you know. It just so happened that the very moment they pounced on my friend, the street was empty. Only her and the criminals were present. I never understood how opportune moments such as that be presented most of the time.

She was not harmed physically but the trauma of having to be a victim of a robbery is psychologically traumatic ( I should know). I know she will be fine though. My homegirl is protected under the blood and she has endless support in her life. She got back her pocketbook, her purse and it’s contents -minus that small sum- BUT it was plused* with a lot more where that came from.

It is obvious that these men suck at thievery. How yuh fi claim to be a tief and dash weh your “prize” without thoroughly going through d ting? LOL. Stupid asses. Smh. We give thanks still.

Shout out to the Jamaican cops who Rarely get the big ups that are deserving.

There’s more to this story but I can’t reveal much more to you or your unworthy Natives, World. No hard feelings. Just know that thieves will never prosper in their pathetic excuses of lives.

Even though the incident was horrible and horrifying, great lessons came forth.

  • Material possessions can always be replaced; a life, not so much.
  • Tief will never prosper!
  • You must give thanks for mercies (great and small) – the turn of events on that day could have been so different, so much more terrifying.
  • Be more aware of your environment.
  • Everybody outa road is a potential tief – WATCH DEM!

Allow me to translate a few words for you right quick:

*Scabbylicious – an unkempt and offensive to sight individual who believe that they are God’s gift to man.

*Plused – Made better with enhancement

*Heverywhere – Jamaican patois version of “everywhere”

*Tief – Jamaican version of “thief”

World, my friend, Trudi, is so amazing. We spoke last night and I could tell that she was smiling. Her voice was so filled with life and wonderment. You’d never believe that she went through what she did. I must say that she won. The thieves lost.

The robbed that smiles steals something from the thief.

World, send a message to your thieving natives for my friend please and thanks. Tell them, in whichever manner you think is best, that on Judgement day, they shall meet their maker and she hopes that they will cower in the total experience of the divine bad up. She shall pray for them. | Selah

Signed with love,

Candice K.


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  1. thetoshperspective says:

    Vipers…their days are numbered. I’m happy that your friend is alive and well.


    1. Indeed they are. Thanks Tosh!! My friend thanks you too!!


  2. Nichellr says:

    Noo sah di way you relay stories tho. 🙂 im glas ur frend is okay. Really cudve been worse.


    1. lol. Thanks Nich. Very very true.


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    Great Post, It’s Great Following You.


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